World of Wine – Tasting Notes

Bethany Rogers Tasting notes:

Wiens: Pouring a Chardonnay straight from the tank. It was light, unoaked, and unfiltered. It was nice, and will be even better when it is released in three to four months. The second wine being poured was a Grenache, Syrah, Mourvedre blend. It is a lovely Rhone style blend. The food, provided by Chile Co. was a delicious star anise flavored short rib over well-seasoned fries.

Palumbo: I was looking forward to trying the “bone-dry” 2009 Rosé Ponte described in the World of Wine brochure. True to the description, the crisp rosé was wonderfully dry and flavorful. The young 2209 Syrah was grapey and pleasantly young and tight. The tannins tasted of fruit rather than oak. It was a gorgeous magenta color, unlike anything else I have seen in a red wine. Accompanying the wine was a lamb tangine, with tangy tomatoes, carrots and prunes, served with cinnamon couscous.

Ponte: The tasting for World of Wine was set up outside amongst the barrels at Ponte. They poured a 2008 Chardonnay that had strong pineapple and vanilla notes. It was different from the appley chardonnay I am used to from them. Ponte poured the always dependable Super T. It had bright cherry, and a rich, slightly smoky finish. It paired well with the petite duck pizza and grappa gravlax with mascarpone cheese.

Stuart Cellars: World of Wine participants made their to the inside barrel room at Stuart Cellars. It was beautifully decorated, with tea lights and decorated tables. Chef Jorge was preparing fillet of sole served with generous servings of pasta to go with the crisp minerally 2009 Sauvignon Blanc. Stuart Cellars was one of the only wineries serving dessert. To pair with the hazelnut cake and whipped crème fraiche and chocolate was a 2008 Cabernet Sauvignon

Briar Rose: I had never been to Briar Rose before. The wine was as good as I had been told. The Viognier smelled sweet but tasted dry. I got to taste the patented Fume Rosé. It is 100% Sauvignon Blanc, but it gets its salmon color and light tannins from being held in Cabernet Sauvignon barrels. It was wonderful. The wines were served with flank steak and potato pancakes and micro-greens.

Vindemia: This brand-new winery hit the ground running by having its first day of business coincide with the first day of the World of Wine event. They were pouring Commonwealth, a delicious and complex Bordeaux blend. Its smooth cherry tinged flavor went perfectly with the filet mignon and potatoes they were saving. The light bodied Grenache would be a perfect warm weather red wine. This winery was one of the pleasantest surprises of the day.

Miramonte: This winery has established itself with good wines, and a great atmosphere. The winery is beautiful with modern seating. It is nice to see the trend move toward seating in tasting rooms. They were serving a 2009 Grenache Rosé that is about two months away from being released. There was a lot of strawberry in the dry Rosé. The release date will make it available right in time for the warm weather. Miramonte was serving two reds, a 2005 Cabernet Syrah blend went well with the Cabernet Syrah marinated carne asada tacos. The light 2009 Estate Syrah will spend another 18-24 months in oak before it is released. It is already drinkable, so the time in the barrel will make it amazing.

Crispin Courtenay’s tasting notes:


Many wine makers were selling futures for their upcoming wines, 50% discounts were typical.

Stuart Cellars

Sauvignon Blanc, Tastes like its from New Zealand. Kiwi, pineapple, green tropical fruit, huge hit of grapefruit, high acid.

2008 Cabernet Sauvignon, barrel taste, a little green in tannins, still developing.

Dover Sole over spaghetti.


(1st) 2006 Commonwealth (Bourdeaux-Style) 48% Merlot, 30% Cabernet Sauvignon, 13 % Petite Verdot, 9% Cabernet Franc. Excellent, traditional well-made Bourdeaux style

(2nd) Blackberry, hint of blueberry, Cabernet Franc is peeking through. Big fruit, nice tannins, balanced, good finish. Would pair well with Lamb. $40.00

Syrah, big Temecula style, with only a little of the ‘dirt’ taste present in many of the local Syrahs.

Zinfindal, typical California nose, very refined, smooth, balanced.

Fillet Mignon with a Syrah reduction


Meritage, barrel taste, nice a little more age would be great. Very smooth, well-made wine.

2008 Zinfindal, very nice balance, not tannic, mellow and enjoyable

Doffo also served a complete taste of their entire range of wines which will be featured in an upcoming Taste of Temecula article.

Assorted Tapas perfectly seasoned


Nebiollo, barrel taste, deep red robe, needs a little more time to develop fully, big, hardy and bold, very typical of Nebiollo

Aglianco, would stand up well to feta cheese, hint of pine

Meatball with a roll, Mamas & Papa’s Catering

Danza del Sol

Sauvignon Blanc, with 25% Chardonnay.

Tempranillo, rather nice and fruity, red berry, high residual sugar.

Oak Mountain

Zinfindal, barrel taste, field blend from 3 different estate vineyards, clean and complex flavors

Pulled pork, beans and fresh cole slaw in front of a roaring fire with a mellow musician made this a favorite stop for many.

Robert Renzoni

La Rosa, rose, strawberry jam, a little residual sugar

2007 Cabernet Sauvignon, strong tannins, needs a little more time

Vecchio Fronte, Lagein and Merlot, sawdust, a bit pale, dark fruit, long finish with floral notes on the back end.


2009 Rossto Secca, fantastic rose, a little tannic, nice and refreshing.

2009 Syrah, barrel taste, big fruit, aging well, will probably spend one more year in the barrel, this is going to be a killer wine. This is one to watch!

Couscous and Lamb Tangine


2009 Estate Syrah, this is the first wine from their new wine maker, it shows (in a good way), there is some magic and finesse going on here, delicate stone fruit, delicate overall

Grenache, Syrah Rose, very nice, reminiscent of sauvignon blanch in the pucker factor, a little frizante

Carne Asada from Vineyard Valley Catering


2007 Zinfindal, complex nose, clove, cinnamon, hint of residual sugar

Pinot Gris, Floral, orange notes, refreshing


2009 Chardonnay, bit of a Sauvignon Blanc hit on the nose, pleasant, leans towards acidic, 40% aged on oak, 60% stainless steel


2008 Merlot, had the opportunity to chat with the new wine maker, this wine comes from the DeLuz Plateau, gentle floral notes, red fruit, pleasant, well-balanced. Definitely not a typical Californian-style Merlot, drinks more like France. This is going to be a killer wine.

Perfectly paired with Braised Beef and polenta from Vineyard Valley Catering

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