Change is in the air

A buzz is filling the Temecula Valley air. People are wondering what is going on at a little winery off the De Portola wine trail. Is Filsinger Winery increasing the size of their tasting room, are they adding patio seating, or are they creating more parking? Well it’s all that and even more…

Filsinger, now called Danza Del Sol with new owner Bob Olson has big plans for this dusty, old winery that has been a cornerstone in Temecula culture since 1978. Original owner Dr. William C. Filsinger had an epiphany to start a winery in Temecula along the De Portola wine trail. He purchase 35 acres and planted several varietals like, Zinfandel, Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Franc, etc. The majority of grape varietals used for his wine production are grown on this land.  Over the years, age has caught up to this little winery and now it time for a little face lift.

As Dr. Filsinger moved towards retirement, Bob envisioned taking the reins of this Filsinger and bringing it to the next level. His vision includes an overall expansion of the facility’s interior and providing great wines at a reasonable price.

“Wine should be great, but still be reasonable priced,“ stated Bob. That is just part of his over all plan. The first phase will remake the original tasting room and storage area by expanding the tasting area, taking over most of the building. The original tasting room will be redesigned to accommodate all of the wine club members. Membership will have its rewards, including an intimate, well developed area that contains rich woods and a beautiful serving area that is exclusively for members.

The main tasting area will be even bigger to accommodate the anticipated crowds that will flock to the redeveloped winery. After showing the improvements on the interior, Mike Tingley, the new wine maker and General Manager, pointed out the improvements taking place on the outside.

A new patio area is being added. Stamped concrete will finish of the patio façade creating an area for people to sit down and relax. The patio will still be surrounded by trees and this area can double for outdoor entertainment. This can be seen through the addition of a wrap-around patio that surrounds the main facility and demonstrates the major overhaul that the grounds are getting. As the tour of the property continued, Mike pointed out the other areas that are getting a face lift.

The top of the hill was being flattened for later paving.  This will allow better entry of vehicles enter the property. Mike even had one of the larger limousines in the valley pull through the spot to confirm that the new parking lot can accommodate longer vehicles. He further indicated that the area will greatly increase the parking capacity, provide a drop off area for limousines and buses, but still have enough room for parking of standard vehicles. Although these changes are significant, is anything happening with the wine? Well that is the icing on the cake. Look for the next article as the saga continues and barrel tasting begins…

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