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ToT Loves to Eat with EAT


There’s no better way to stimulate a great conversation then when the food being served is at the utmost  quality and displayed beautifully. This was definitely the case at E.A.T.’s new Fall Menu  Debut this past Sunday.  A couple of dozen lucky guests were invited to E.A.T’s storefront and we were treated to a feast for the senses.

After walking in and admiring the beautiful flower arrangements by Vineyard Floral Designs, I headed over to the bar where Leah’s friend (and occasional ToT contributor) Corie Maue poured me a refreshing Mango Mojito.   In the spirit of keeping it local, she was also serving beer from Black Market and fantastic wine from Cougar and Palumbo Wineries.


Mojito in hand, I then made my way among the guests, who were busily enjoying themselves.    Everything I tasted was hands-down absolutely delicious.  I helped myself to the grilled, prosciutto wrapped back yard figs and lobster tail bites that had been pan fried in butter, chili, sea salt and citron.  I also dug into a fabulous array of local-organic farmers market produce and the Quattro Flat Bread Bites which featured heirloom tomato and Fontina cheese covered with Terra Bella Ranch red walnut pesto.

The friendly E.A.T. staff passed around Prime Rib Skewers made with tender, perfectly cooked morsels of meat and a tray of extremely tasty Duck Confit Tartlets.  Then to top everything off, they brought out decadently delicious fried Italian donuts and – I truly say this without hyperbole – the most amazing brownie bites I have ever tasted.

Non-alcoholic drinks were delicious cold espresso brew by Roast House Coffee and  Gigi Rose Organic Re-Defined Water , both of which were really revitalizing on a very hot day.

I know this all sounds tasty, but you really have to try E.A.T’s amazing food for yourself – and you can do just that on October 1st.  On that date E.A.T. will be serving their Farm Harvest Supper at Peltzer Family Farm in Temecula.  These farm-to- table dinners “emphasize the important link between landscape, food, farmer and chef,” and are a great opportunity to eat well and have a lot of fun.  For more info go here.

EAT Marketplace , 27535 Jefferson Ave. , Temecula CA, 92590

951.694.FOOD (3663)

Photos by Johanna Lacknull

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