“Pairing It Forward” – Community Support

One of the truly amazing characteristics of the Temecula Valley is how we really pull together to help those in need. Taste Of Temecula does it’s part by promoting local charities and supporting the local businesses. In the past we have supported The Temecula/Murrieta Rescue Mission, SAFE, Charity For Charity, The Boy Scouts Of America, Jacobs House and others. If your local charity or civic group is having an event send us an email at makingadifference@tasteoftemecula.net .

   First  Donation : 6/18/2011Charity Goal Completed!!!!  We raised $200 Dollars  thanks to you  Temecula Valley!!!!” The Valley & Daily Pairing get the priviledge of sending two kids with Autism to Oak Grove Center’s Summer Camp. Please continue to Donate to Oak Grove Center as they work hard to build hope and restore confidence in our kids.

 Second Donation :   7/12/2011 – Charity Goal Completed!!!! Raised By Temecula Valley Residents through the Daily Pairing  Charity Meter!!! We raised $200 Dollars for Penny Pickles Workshop through the generous companies that gave Offers so we could help give back. Thank you to  The Hot Dog Shoppe, Temecula Salon and Day Spa, Nothin Bundt Cakes, Shortys Bistro!! Way to go guys ! Saving & Supporting!


     Third  Donation:   7/27/20 – Charity Goal Completed!!!!   We raised $150 Dollars through the Daily Pairing thanks to you and  J Carter’s,Couture Fashions, Xtreme Beauty, Nothing Bundt Cakes and  Dogtopia!!  Helping Those Who Have Been Victims of Human Trafficking! Difference Today Helps Them Get Back On Their Feet and They CanUse Every Bit Of Funding Possible. Thank You Temecula Valley and The Daily Pairing .

         Fourth Donation:   8/26/2011 Charity Goal Completed!!!  Thank you for helping us raise $200 for Chaparral High School Football Team “PUMAS” as they came out with 135 of their closest friends to participatei in the Man v Food Challenge at Sweet Lumpy’s BBQ    the  Fearless Eaters were Omar, Adam & Patrick and thanks guys you all did a great job going up against the FOOD! and taking one for the team. Thanks to  Sweet Lumpy’s, French Valley Cafe, Studio S, Oliveras Coffee & Juice Bar, Heyday Productions for offering great deals and thank you Temecula for Saving while you were Supporting through the Daily Pairing! GO PUMAS! Charity Goal Exceeded We Hit 119.00 % with a Balance of $238.00 Going to PUMAS…RIGHT ON!

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