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The High Cost of Eating – Harvest 2U Has Some Great Info

High food prices getting you down? Aren’t these times difficult enough without the cost of our food increasing? Our budgets are stretched and yet the necessities of life sometimes are priced out of our reach.

In November 2010, the Wall Street Journal quoted the United States Agriculture Department stating “food prices are rising faster than overall inflation”. In fact, their estimates of food price increases were too low.

According to a report published in February 2011 by the Labor Department, our food has seen “the highest increase in 36 years”. Our food actually increased 3.9% in the past year, “primarily due to fuel price increases”.

 More specifically, CBS News reported in March 2011 that the reason for the sharp increase in overall food costs is; “Vegetable costs have increased nearly 50%…consumers are paying more for the basic necessities”. The same report stated, “In addition to rising fuel costs, bad weather in the past year has damaged crops in Australia, Russia and South America”.

Experts even say that in the U.S., the Texas droughts and hurricane Irene are even affecting our food prices. v    1 support$

Now there’s a great reason to shop and eat local Temecula and Murrieta organic produce, fruits and vegetables! Bucking these trends, the price of your locally grown, organic produce from Harvest 2U has not increased one penny in the past year.

As recently as July 2011, the Farm Foundation commissioned a report from three economists. Their report says that current “circumstances have created a new era that will shift U.S. food and agriculture policy to one of shortages from one of abundance”.

The U.S. used to feed the world. Now are we struggling even to feed ourselves?

What happens when we have to make the tough choices between eating “cheap” or eating healthy? Or not eating at all? Let me ask you this – What’s the cost of illness, of being overweight, or feeling lousy?

Thankfully, eating healthy does not have to break the bank.

Want more value for your food dollar? Then try this; feed your family foods that will actually DO SOMETHING POSITIVE for their body. You’re going to eat. You’re going to spend money on food. Doesn’t it make sense to spend your money on food that actually helps your body and doesn’t hurt it? We THINK we’re saving money with convenience and processed foods but that is absolutely not true. We’re killing ourselves for what we think is “convenience” while actually spending more.

Eating locally grown produce, fruits and vegetables (whether organic or not), is ultimately less expensive and much, much healthier than “convenience” foods (see our article “Does Buying High Quality Produce Actually Save Me Money”). Our bodies have been designed to eat natural foods, in season. Seriously, we were not designed to eat processed whit

The High Cost of Eating

e flour, MSG, artificial coloring and the multitude of other chemicals we put into our bodies.                                                                       

The High Cost of Eating

The High Cost of Eating

Final word – “Real men (and women) Eat Their – Veggies- Local”                                                                   


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