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Singer Michael Dayvid About Town

Credit: Michael Dayvid

Go to some of the epicurean hotspots around town and you’re bound to come across local musical favorite, Michael Dayvid. This young musician, who describes himself as a singer first, is a self-taught singer/songwriter who strums his guitar and shares his clear voice throughout the Temecula Valley.

Homeschooled as a child, Dayvid taught himself to play a variety of instruments and performed in the church praise band growing up. He later played in the rock band “Humility,” which, he admits, greatly impacted his stage presence and style. The group disbanded in 2007 when all members moved to different parts of California, but Dayvid has gone on to perform solo, sharing his own voice and style with those lucky enough to discover him.

Dayvid’s wellspring of music arises from familiar standards, children’s favorites and tunes across decades. You might hear songs like “Fly Me to the Moon” or “That’s Amoré,” followed by an Elvis tune, a couple of soft ballads and then a spritely “Me and Julio Down By the Schoolyard” to get your toes tapping. He might even tuck in a simple praise song; a nod to his years performing in church.

It’s a mix of songs and styles that Dayvid personally enjoys, with influences of James Taylor, David Crowder Band, Muse, Sigur Ros, Paul Simon, P.I. Tchaikovsky, L. van Beethoven (yes, the classical nuances are there), Eric Whitacre and OnBeingHuman.

He’s been delighting the crowds at Flour Fusion in Lake Elsinore with his unplugged acoustic guitar for about a year now. Recently, Dayvid noticed one little girl in the café wearing a shirt with characters from the movie Cars, and soon, he was playing “Life Is a Highway,” a noted song from that film (and yes, the little girl was delighted). He pays attention to what the people are grooving to and uses that as a barometer for the crowd, and sometimes goes table to table, asking patrons what they’d like to hear. Those special requests may then spin into similarly-styled songs. He also loves putting his own songs into the mix.

Dayvid’s view is that music is an expression of human experience. “More than words, all the instruments of the orchestra have a nuance to bring to a feeling, an experience, an impression, or a personal stance. Musical instruments in the right hands are almost a part of the musician’s body; in the same way the mouth and hands communicate conversation, so the wind and strings communicate immaterial essence.”

With a strong interest in high-quality music since his earliest memories of Tchaikovsky’s “The Nutcracker,” Dayvid is committed to creating high-quality music himself. “I pursue performing out of a strong visceral urge to change moods and atmospheres for the better,” Dayvid explains, “and I continue to work toward the ultimate goal of composing orchestral music for film, stage and television.” It’s a goal he’s already been working toward with the composition of original scores for video projects created by a Marine Corps-associated company called Command Media.

While he totes his guitar about town, that is not his sole instrument. Dayvid is also quite adept at piano and keys, bass guitar, mandolin, Irish Pennywhistle and even homemade bamboo flutes from the beach.When asked which of those instruments he believes to be the most effective at communicating expression, Dayvid responds that it is the orchestra as a whole which takes the prize. “The orchestra is most expressive as a giant, organic instrument wielded by a composer; each individual represents a cell,” Dayvid says, but continues: “A truer answer is that the cello stands above all as the closest to expressing what man alone cannot.”

What he likes best about performing is the kids. “When the kids come in and dance and sing and have a great time, that’s the best, because it’s instant feedback,” Dayvid beamed, shortly after having played “Under the Sea” from Disney’s The Little Mermaid. ”

You can catch Dayvid at Four Fusion in Lake Elsinore where he performs four days a week. He also performs every Wednesday at Raviolis Osteria on Main St. in Lake Elsinore and most Fridays and Saturdays at Raviolis on Murrieta Hot Springs Road in Murrieta.

Michael Dayvid website:   www.michaeldayvid.com

Watch a snippet of  Dayvid performing Video credit:  Holly Diane

Images © M.S. Ross except where noted

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