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“Man, Let the Big Dogs Eat!”

There’s an expression often used in sports when an athlete embraces his destiny. What was once deep inside the man is yanked to the surface. Somehow this man enters a realm of excellence that leaves onlookers dumbfoundedly saying, “Man, Let the Big Dog Eat!” In this case, a man’s destiny is to reach for something that is OUTSIDE himself and put it somewhere (God knows where) deep INSIDE himself. Hence the expression will be, “Let the Man Eat A BIG DOG!”

The Event: Taste of Temecula’s First Ever MAN vs. FOOD Competition.

The Place:  The Hot Dog Shoppe, Temecula Parkway

  1. The Champion:   Two 3/4 pound Franks, decked with 1/4 pound of Pastrami, topped with a heaping helping of potato salad, baked beans and Swiss cheese.

    The Challengers: Leith “The Hungry Hammer” Anderson vs. Louis “The Garbage Disposal” Gonzalez.

    On this momentous occasion, these two famished fanatics were presented a daunting task. Boldly, Anderson and Gonzalez entered the arena to face this most formidable opponent, a Temecula delicacy registering a whopping 6500 calories (but who’s counting!) The promoter of this event is no stranger to shameless shenanigans, Taste of Temecula’s Ian Blafer.

    The clock is set at twenty minutes. The stage is set. Let the games begin!

    With pitchers of Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer holstered to the sides of our contenders, Louis “The Garbage Disposal” jumps out to an early lead. Leith “The Hungry Hammer” seems to rhythmically pound through the veil of Pastrami. Relentless in their pursuit, these two debaucherous dudes continue to devour the field. Time waits for no man as the minutes count down. As they rally around their gluttonous gladiators, spectators begin to weigh the odds of victory. “The Garbage Disposal” looks to have an ever so slim lead over “The Hungry Hammer”.

    All “The Garbage Disposal” has to do is hit his final stride and take hold of what is left on his platter. Finish him off! Slay the Dragon, Louie!…….aaaaaah Sports Fans this can’t be happening! With one minute, thirty five seconds left on the clock, Louis “The Garbage Disposal” suddenly has slowed on the final turn. Out of nowhere, Louis has fallen victim to the perilous GAG REFLEX! Call the repairman.

    The “Garbage  Disposal” is locked up! “The Hungry Hammer” side-steps the nausea and saunter unobstructed to the finish line. Yet the “Hungry Hammer’s” victory is only temporary. The Hot Dog Shoppe’ undisputed champion still stands. This time FOOD has prevailed over MAN. We are still asking Temecula “Whos The Man” and if you know any up for the next one email me at

    Until next time my formidable fatties. For now, enjoy this tiny wafer-thin mint and watch for Taste of Temecula’s next momentous event .

    Just log on or join our Meet Up Group Taste of Temecula would like to thank everyone that donated items: Babydolls, Dogtopia, Sorrel’s, Perfect Tan, Nothin Bundt Cakes, Hot Dog Shoppe, Harvest 2U, Wellness N More, Pizzeria Venti, and everyone who came out and made this event a blast! Louis and Leith Great Job, Thank You!

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