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Mistik Sorbet – Courtesy of Crispin Courtenay, Middle Ridge Winery


This is the perfect way to stay cool during summer months and Middle Ridge wanted to give you one of our  favorite dessert recipes that refreshes and satisfies.

This is Mistik Sorbet –

Start with Simple Syrup which is roughly 1 oz of water to 1 oz sugar. Add both to a pot, bring to a boil stirring occasionally. It should coat a spoon and not run off immediately. If too thin, add more sugar and bring back up to a boil. Cool….

* ½ gallon water to four pounds of sugar to make the simple syrup
* 1 bottle Middle Ridge Mistik, less a glass for the cook … after all this is hard work!
* 4 kiwis, skinned and pureed, mashed, squashed
* 4 limes, zest two and juice all.

Add the wine and kiwi to a blender and puree until smooth. Strain if you don’t like little black seeds sticking in-between your teeth.

Add puree to simple syrup (once it’s cold), add lime zest and stir.

Transfer to ice cream maker and let it go to town. Alternately, place in freezer and stir with a whisk every hour until set (this prevents big ice chunks forming).

Note: the kiwi and lime are meant to accentuate the aromas already present in the wine. This can be done with any wine, simply by substituting the fruit.

Note #2: If you want an ‘adult’ smoothie, pull out of the freezer early and get out your Silly Straws


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