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Hype is For Suckers – Set Your Goal and Go For It!

There is no pill, drink or magic potion that is going to help change who you are.   Whether you want to lose weight, get healthier or become wealthy – it takes work!!  All these ads and quick “get rich” schemes and drinks or pills that help you lose weight are not all they appear to be.   These people may take the product or make money by selling a Multi-Level Marketing type service but they also have the drive to reach the goals that they have set out to achieve.  Make no mistake; they work hard at what they do in order to make the big bucks that they promise you that you can make.
If it’s a special dietary drink or pill; they work out, follow a realistic diet and put in a lot of time and effort.   No one gets ripped abs and great muscle structure just from a drink once or twice a day.   They get it from hard cardio and a regular workout.

Let me get off my soap box for a moment and get to the point.   Proper goal setting is the key element that most of us miss on a daily basis when it comes to achieving our targets.   We all dream big but fail to turn those dreams into realities.   Why?   There is no plan, no specific goals and nothing to hold us to those goals.  If I told you that I would give you $500 for showing up at my business, would you?   How would you do it?   You would find my address, look it up, map it and then drive there.   That’s what proper goal setting is.  It’s defining your goal, mapping it out and then making it happen.

Now imagine that there is more money every time you meet one of my family members.    I am the youngest of 7 so. there’s a lot of money here.   Each person will give you $500 more than the last.   Now you have to go in order and achieve each step of the drive to get all the money waiting for you.  Would you do this?   Yes you would because there is $14,000 in it for you.   What’s amazing is that we have opportunities to make more money or change who we are everyday but fail to do so.
Why do you achieve your goals at work but not your personal goals?

This is easy; at work you have someone to push you and to give you deadlines.   People don’t push themselves or hold themselves accountable to deadlines for personal goals because they don’t feel that there is a consequence such as getting fired or reprimanded.   Isn’t there? What about pride, self-respect and a feeling of accomplishment?   Today is a new day and the moment to change is upon us.   Define the moment before the moment defines you!

Are you ready to make a real difference in your life?   Are you ready to accept change and define who you are today? I coach people every day on making their goals achievable and realistic.   No magic potions, pills or scams.  Just hard work and real goal setting techniques that can help you!

Contact me to schedule a free consultation and learn how I can help you achieve your goals in my 90 day program.

Contact Rocky at: rockyosborn@rocketmail.com


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2 thoughts on “Hype is For Suckers – Set Your Goal and Go For It!

  1. This is an interesting article you present, Rocky. After having involved yourself in an MLM for weight mgmt & nutrition protein shakes, it almost appears as a tactic to discourage others from the success you are well aware they can achieve by simply committing to drinking something deliciously good for them? I agree, every goal requires work to back it up, but sometimes the work is quite simply, simple. It doesn’t have to be a rigorous plan to achieve amazing results. With the knowledge and technology available today, it’s only natural that more simple & healthy solutions are being discovered and developed. Everyone deserves to know that some of these products Are Exactly what they appear to be, and they can benefit from some of them too, particularly the one “you enjoy yourself” every morning.


  2. Everyone should set goals and apply themselves, however not everyone will achieve their goals. Does this mean they are failures? I think not. Just setting goals is a big first step. As for MLM Businesses such as Health, Nutrition, Protein Shakes, and Vitamins or most MLM companies, the “Business Owner” has to do the work to achieve results, but as with anything results will vary based on the person and their meaning of work. This variable certainly doesn’t mean the product or products represented aren’t all the company says they are. I do agree to get The 6-pack Abs and Tone Muscles one has to Do The Work, usually another goal that has been set. That being said Science has come a long way in helping the process become more simple and faster. I am a result of these advancements, to date I have lost 33lbs in my 90 Day Challenge. My next 90 Day Challenge is to firm and tone incidentally another set goal.


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