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Shakespeare in the Vines – Come Out and “Play”

Shakespeare in the Vines returns for an outstanding series of outdoor performances at Stuart Cellars beginning Thursday, July 7th. The winery is sponsoring the SITV troupe for the first time this year. I attended a performance of A Midsummer’s Nights Dream a few years ago at Frangipani Winery with my teenage son. I was surprised when he agreed to go but he enjoyed the play and I loved the little bit of culture right in the midst of the vines. We made friends and shared food and wine with the folks at our table and, when the play finished, stayed to mingle with some of the actors.

Taste of Temecula has set Friday, July 8th, as its Evening in the Vines and invites everyone to come join us to support and celebrate our local talent. Called the most intelligent figure ever represented in literature, Hamlet tells the harrowing story of the young prince of Denmark, who discovers that his father has been murdered by his uncle Claudius. What’s more, Claudius has married Hamlet’s mother, Gertrude, and claimed the throne. After an eerie visit from the ghost of his father, Hamlet is convinced of Claudius’s guilt and is determined to expose the truth. The truth is that you will trully enjoy this live theater and being out among the vines makes it that much more special and memorable.

Sheila Ryle, Artistic Director of the Troupe, says that Hamlet and its thematic exploration of treachery, revenge, and moral corruption (hey that sounds like US politicians!) represents the greatest play ever written. Indeed, Hamlet can also represent the struggle of young adults and how they respond without mentors and wise leaders. They struggle to find their way and, sometimes, can make a mess of things.

The play will be performed Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays for three consecutive weekends at Stuart Cellars. Then after Hamlet is wrapped up, SITV moves to the pastoral venue of Palomar Winery which is most befitting to perform As You Like It. The storyline features one of the most famous passages in Shakespeare (and all of Western literature): “All the world’s a stage / and all the men and women merely players.” Although the idea was already a cliché by the time Shakespeare wrote these lines, the passage pretty much sums up As You Like It, a drama in which play-acting and fantasy are the names of the game.

We will let you know the exact date of our As You Like It – Taste of Temecula Night at Shakespeare in the Vines; stay-tuned!

More information including ticket sales and show times can be found at

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