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Why Should I Eat Local Produce?

To quote Slow Food USA, a non-profit organization educating the world on the benefits of eating healthy, local and organic, “Slow Food is an idea, a way of living and a way of eating. It is a global, grassroots movement with thousands of members around the world that links the pleasure of food with a commitment to community and the environment.”

In short, every aspect of eating local is positive. (No, eating local does NOT mean eating at the local neighborhood fast-food restaurant!)


To get a real Taste of Temecula, you need to eat produce grown locally.

Some of the many reasons to eat locally grown organic (or naturally grown) produce, fruits and vegetables are:

1)      Support the local economy – Buying produce from your local farmer actually generates twice as much financially for the local economy. The economic impact of your local dollar staying local allows that farmer to then spend the dollar to support his family. If the farmer’s dollar is spent locally then someone else’s family can use it, and so on.


2)      Local organic (or naturally grown) produce, fruits and vegetables are fresher – Buying through a service like Harvest 2U, you can be sure that your fruits and vegetables were literally in the ground and growing no more than 24 hours before you receive them. Studies show that often, store-bought produce has been traveling around for two weeks before you see it.


3)      Local (and therefore fresher) produce just taste’s better – To quote a happy Harvest 2U customer, “So that’s what a carrot is supposed to taste like!” ‘nuff said.


4)      Locally grown fruits and vegetables have longer to ripen – Because locally grown organic (or naturally grown) produce is handled less and does not have to endure the rigors of shipping long distances it can ripen in its natural state: in the ground! And guess what? – those nutrients that are supposed to be in the produce we eat – they’re still there in fresh, local produce!


5)      Eating local helps the environment – Studies have shown that the typical carrot travels more than 1,800 miles before reaching your table. Yikes! Harvest 2U’s fresh organic produce does not travel the highways long distances in trucks sucking up fuel and spewing forth toxins. In the vast majority of cases, your Harvest 2U fresh fruits and vegetables are traveling less than 20 miles from the farm to your table! Cleaner environment, fresher produce…because goodness matters.


6)      Buying local organic (or naturally grown) produce keeps us in touch with the seasons and the farmer – By eating Harvest 2U’s fruits and vegetables you are eating produce that is ripening naturally in its own season. With each season of the year (literally with each month) come a different variety of fresh produce to your family’s table. Imagine 52 weeks (in Southern California) of produce variety. Yummy!


Harvest 2U cares about our local community as well. We are committed to giving back in the form of either fresh local produce for free to needy families, or monetary donations to worthy organizations. Every Harvest 2U customer has the choice of which of our Community Partners will benefit from their purchase of high quality local organic produce, fruits and vegetables.


When you eat healthier – The hungry eat again.


Don Webber


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