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ToT’s Lunch Meet-Up and BBQ at Oak Mountain Winery

Taste of Temecula’s Lunch Meet and Greet last Wednesday was held in the heavens. High upon a mountain top with views all around is Oak Mountain Winery. A laid back and relaxing venue we were able to network with one another at the outdoor wine pavilion while sipping their 2008 Zinfandel. I happen to love Zins and this one was a combination of fruit and spiciness that complimented our fantastic barbeque lunch. It was a rather warm day as the ceiling fans gently pushed the breezes more favorably inside where most of us enjoyed the awe inspiring views as we chatted with one another.

Just outside was Shawn Anderson of the Chicken Shack grilling on his large mobile barbeque the most fabulous tri-tip beef and chicken. All you had to do was follow your nose to find us with Shawn’s incredible barbeque aromas wafting in the air. Shawn’s recipe for his barbeque rub is a well-kept family secret which he will not reveal. No amount of coercing could get him to give up even a clue to his flavorful recipe. Mostly known for his chicken on a stick at community fairs, he is available as a mobile barbeque catering service and we were the lucky recipients of his culinary expertise at the grill. The chicken was good, but the tri-tip was unbelievably delicious.

Steve and Valerie Andrews own Oak Mountain Winery and serve not only their wines but their sister winery Temecula Hills. They have a wide array of wines to choose from with one of my all-time favorites being the Temecula Hills Raspberry Champagne. Come sometime with a picnic lunch, buy a bottle and take in the views of the surrounding vineyards and mountains. They are open daily from 11a.m. to 5p.m. and have live music on Saturdays and Sundays from 1:00p.m. to 5p.m. They offer the venue for weddings and their winemaker will pair wines with each course to create the perfect reception feast. Also offered are fun interactive cooking classes which include your food all paired with wine.

Oak Mountain Winery boasts 7 white wines including one from Temecula Hills that start from $14.50; 2 blush wines from $16.00; 8 Temecula Hills Reds from $26; 9 Oak Mountain Reds from $28; 3 sparkling wines from $19; and 2 dessert wines including a $28 port and an $18 Muscat. Also available for tasting are 9 different avocado oils and 5 balsamic vinegars.

And if all these things to delight our tastes was not enough, Kim from Sweet Layers Bakery donated little confections to top it all off. Delectable little cupcakes that were almost too beautiful to eat, (notice I said “almost”.) here were more of these tasty creations that were raffled off along Sweet Layers with fresh vegetables from Don Weber and Harvest2U. Kelly Robertson donated a unique piece of jewelry. (Congratulations to Kelly for winning $20,000 for her non-profit chemo diva business!)

Don’t forget to check out the Daily Pairings and read up on Taste of Temecula’s New Charity Widget. Read up on great ways that you can save money and support your local community. The “Deals” will save you money, but you will have the added bonus of supporting a charity at the same time. The Charity Widget (or meter) will show how much has been raised as compared to the target goal and is continually updated as people buy the Daily Pairing deals.
Please join us at our next Lunch Meet and Greet at Pizzeria Venti on the 29th.  Eat, Drink and Be Merry!

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