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TOT Announces New Charity Widget

Taste of Temecula’s Daily Pairing Charity Program is Now Here!

TOT Charity Meter

It’s June which means that ToT is celebrating our two year anniversary of being Temecula Valley’s Premiere Online Social Magazine!  It’s been a fantastic opportunity to support the best local businesses in our Valley as we host our popular Lunch Meet & Greet every other Wednesday at 12:00 pm at beloved local restaurants and TOT Mix-Ups at our favorite bars and hot spots. Most recently we’ve made your life a little tastier with our Daily Pairing deals that help everyone “Do More For Less.”

But within our large community, we’ve also heard the needs of the charities and felt that there’s even more we can do.  So, we’ve chosen this anniversary as the perfect time to shift our business model into a charitable mode.  Starting this week, a percentage of proceeds from every Daily Pairing purchase will go directly toward helping a non-profit organization achieve a specific goal.  The deal will still save you money – but you’ll have the added bonus of supporting a charity at the same time.   In other words, you’ll be doing even more for less.  Whether it’s helping Charlie Pate’s Wishes for Children make wishes come true for disadvantaged kids, or helping Oak Grove send children with Autism to summer camp, we’ll all be making a huge difference in people’s lives throughout the community.

Daily Pairing has also created an innovative “Charity Meter”  that will show how much has been raised, as well as how much more money is needed to meet the campaign’s target amount.  Since the Charity Meter is in real time it’ll be continually updated as people buy the Daily Pairing deals.  Additionally, our new Community Support page will show what we’ve accomplished with your love and support. This was designed by us for the community and as people get more excited about the money they save through the Daily Pairing, we hope they are just as thrilled about the money they gave.

We’ve talked to local business owners about Daily Pairing’s new campaign, and everyone is looking forward to it.

“I think it a great idea and I am happy to be offering savings but it’s also nice to know the Daily Pairing is helping out in other ways,” says Chef Giuseppe Di Gristina of Raviolis Osteria.

Charlie Pate, Founder and President of Wishes for Children, agrees. “I think it’s a favorable idea for all local non-profits.  My hope is that this will bring in more support to help us grant wishes for all the unfortunate children in our community.”

Money raised by the Daily Pairing will be presented to the non-profits at special events throughout the year.  Of course you all will be invited to see your favorite charities accept their donations and know that you all had a hand in reaching the goal. By the way, if it’s a Taste of Temecula event, you know it will be a party.

We are calling this campaign “Pairing It Forward” as we give you a way to save on things you love to do while supporting causes you care about. We really do appreciate your support these past two years and we look forward to partnering with you even further to not only support local businesses, but also give back to those in need. Thank you for your continued support.

If you have a favorite charity that needs help please feel free to E-mail us at

TOT Staff Writer Johanna Lack is a former TV producer and writer who now, through her company, helps businesses boost and maintain their PR/marketing efforts. Contact her to help improve your business.

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