Wine of the Week

Crispins Wine Pick of the Week

I choose to go with a varietal that grows exceptionally well in the Valley, from one of the busiest local wineries going.

2007 Mourvedre. Photo courtesy Wilson Creek Winery

Mourvedre, 2007 Wilson Creek.

Mouvedre is shaping up to be one of the go to grapes for the Temecula Valley. It tolerates the Summer heat well and maintains a nice fruit and bright acids. It is one of the backbone Rhone wines that you are always hearing about, and traditionally has had an affinity for Grenache in blends.

If you like a Syrah or Sangiovese, you are going to like a Mourvedre. This is a grape without a long track record so both the viticulture and viniculture process are being refined by the wineries, with each year seeming to offer a little more refinement than the previous.

Good berry hit on the nose, with a hint of toffee. Fruity body, but not over the top, very approachable wine with bright flavors. Short finish with a little tartness on the back end, nice little hit of acid showing through. Refreshing and pleasurable on the palate. ($28.95)

Wilson Creek Winery

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