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TOT’s Lunch Meet Up J Carters Tavern

Taste of Temecula found hidden in the crevices of a plain small strip mall, a jewel of a spot, J. Carter’s Tavern Grill. Don’t blink as you round the corner of Murrieta Hot Springs and Alta Murrieta or you might miss it, but deep within the bowels of this plain exterior is a restaurant/bar that has become one my favorite spots.

J. Carter’s opened up just this last February and I for one, was skeptical of its success. After all, this building had housed two failed restaurants prior to this. Why would this one succeed where others hadn’t? Let me tell you why.

The owners, Bob and Tammy Kulwicki, knew that Murrieta sorely needed a restaurant with entertainment and good food so they set out to do just that. They hired Chef Ozz whose talents are displayed in their diverse and mouthwatering menu. Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights they have live entertainment and dancing. This, my friends is no ordinary sports bar, oh no. The owners used to own a steak house and have brought their knowledge of beef to their present location.

They have a wonderful prime rib with au jus and ribs that are fall-off-the-bone delicious. The culinary expertise of the Chef is unbelievable and his staff makes this a truly great dining experience. The Texas Egg Rolls stuffed with jalapeno cream cheese with a pepper jelly dip were out of this world.

Today I had the Ahi Ginger Salad made with seared sushi-grade ahi tuna, mixed greens, jicama, green onions and wonton crisps.  Yum-m-m….my mouth is watering at the thought of this tossed with their homemade ginger dressing. Others were moaning in ecstasy over their Creamy Shrimp Pasta made with chardonnay cream sauce, crisp bacon, sun-dried tomatoes, fire roasted red peppers and fresh parmesan cheese. There’s something for everyone on the menu from hamburgers, salads, pizza to filet mignon, prime rib and whiskey glazed salmon.

Let’s not forget their full bar with three big screen TVs. They have 18 beers on tap and pride themselves in their selection of craft beers and microbrews. Their present wine list is going to be extended to include MORE local wines. They presently have selections from Wilson Creek, Wiens, and Leonesse and will be including Renzoni, Belle Vista, and some others soon. In the near future they are planning on ½ price wine on Tuesdays. (I will so be there for that!) J. Carter’s is one of the few places that have Happy Hour 7 days a week from 4p.m. to 7 p.m.

Taste of Temecula was so fortunate to have had their bi-weekly Meet-Up Lunch here. A great group of people turned out for this venue and we had about 60 people socializing, eating and sampling wines. The biggest problem with having lunch at J. Carter’s was no one wanted to leave and go back to work.





J. Carter’s Tavern Grill
40239-40365 Murrieta Hot Springs Road
Murrieta, CA 92563
(951) 894-2700

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