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What Are The Maid of Honor’s Duties?

(Courtesy of D'Renae Events)

Classy Chic asks, “D’Renae, are there specific duties and responsibilities I have to give my Maid of Honor? And if there are can you tell me what I should expect?”

Dear Classy Chic,

The duties and responsibilities are whatever you decide to delegate to your Maid or Matron of Honor. They should be reasonable expectations and mutually agreed upon, of course. But my advice is to play to your bridal party’s strengths! If your Maid of Honor is the “fun girl,” someone you know you’ll always have a good time with, but can’t balance her check book if her life depended on it, well….maybe her strength would be to organize the bachelorette party and help you with moral support throughout this experience and not help with your budget. If your Maid of Honor is a 3rd grade teacher…then I would think having her help with the organizational tasks would be appropriate. Remember, technically the Maid of Honor is supposed to accompany you to your appointments when your groom cannot. She (or He) can help you make important decisions, such as your dress…your invites…. your party favors, etc. However, what you expect from your bridal party should be expressed to them when asking them to be a part of your day! This will eliminate any confusion or misunderstandings.

~ Denise Hiatt / D’Renae Events

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