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Grow Organic at Home

Organic Tomatoes - Photo Courtesy of GOAHThey say that late Spring is the perfect time to plant a garden.  It’s all so overwhelming, though; isn’t it?  How much space do I need? How will I irrigate it?  What types of plants will grow well in my backyard?  I confess I have attempted a garden more than once and been spectacularly unsuccessful every time.  The owners of Grow Organic at Home in Murrieta want us to know that our gardening woes are over.


Proprietary Grow Bag - Photo Courtesy of GOAH

With a proprietary system that has been perfected over the years and a series of “all in one” kits, everyone can have a successful organic garden.  GOAH offers everything from plants that will grow in grow bags in tiny spaces like an apartment balcony to complete net houses to cover full, lush gardens.  Imagine huge, vine ripened tomatoes growing one day and on your plate the next.  Yum!


GOAH knows, as many of us are beginning to realize, that the farther our food has to travel, the less nutrients it carries.  Not only that, the pesticides and preservatives commonly used in commercial farming have been proven to cause us more harm than good.  So, one small step at a time, they help us take control of what we eat.  From the fledgling wannabe gardener (that’s me), to the expert, GOAH offers a system for every space, taste and budget.


GOAH began not in the modern urban landscape of the LA area, but in the rural countryside of Israel where cooperative living and self-sufficiency are not only the norm, but imperative for survival.  After moving to the states, GOAH owner Nadiv Joshua saw an opportunity to teach people a healthier way of life.  He knew, though, that with our busy lives, we would need a system that removed all the guess work.  Therefore, the GOAH kits are a complete, fool proof way for people to grow their own delicious, organic produce: the proper growing materials, nutrients and tools for any gardener to be successful.  Genius!


School Garden Program - Photo Courtesy of GOAH

Nadiv and his family take their commitment to organic living to a whole new level by offering a school garden program.  In partnership with school fundraising and organizations like Temecula Valley Slow Food, GOAH provides fully irrigated, organic net house gardens to area schools at 50% of their cost.  The students participate at every level: helping erect the net houses, set up grow bags, irrigation system and planting.  The children learn not only where their food comes from and what real food tastes like, but that sustainable, organic gardening can be fun, easy and rewarding.


For more information on how you too can Grow Organic at Home or to find out more about the school garden program, please visit: www.groworganicathome.com or swing by the store: 24837 Jefferson Ave. Ste. 205, Murrieta, CA 92562 (ph: 951-698-1616).  You may also get a chance to  see GOAH if you head out to the Temecula Valley Slow Food event at Leonesse Cellars this weekend: Saturday, May 21st, 1 – 5 pm.  Field to the Fork tickets are still available at www.slowfoodtv.org


3 thoughts on “Grow Organic at Home

  1. Corie,
    Great atricle! I wish I lived close enough to pick up a few tomato plants for my yard. I love vine riped tomatoes and have not grown any in years. My mouth is watering. Enjoy your organic gardening.
    I have been going to farmers market instead. Still not the same as home grown and vine ripened.


    • Thanks Mom! It may take us a bit to get completely natural and organic, but that is our goal. With all the “whatever” that is in processed foods & commercially grown produce, it’s just not worth the so-called convenience anymore. The Farmer’s Market is a hang out for us as well, and we are big fans of a CSA program called Harvest 2 U. Love, Corie


  2. More people need to be aware of GMO’s in their food. You can’t really eat and drink out anywhere if you want to avoid genetically modified ingredients, they are everywhere. They are damaging the Organic sector. Soon there will be nothing natural left due to contamination. People need to wake up! This is not hybridization folks. This is genes from different species like animals, insects, and pathogens being put into the DNA of our food. Please, if you care about Organic you must stop eating GMO foods. If you care about your future or children’s future you must stop eating GMO’s. With more than 80% of our foods containing GMOs it almost seems impossible but it can be done. In my opinion it’s not so much our health that is at stake (and it is) as it is the future of our ecosystem and the preservation of the seed. When the seed is gone or contaminated what is left? Our government allows this because it’s not run by the people but by big corporations and the biotech companies are huge. If you don’t already know about Monstanto read up they have monstrous history. Remember DDT or Agent Orange?


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