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Why Hire A Matchmaker?

When approached with the question by Brenda S. from Murrieta CA: Why should I use a matchmaker instead of using today’s conventional means? Rocky and Kim of He Said She Said Matchmaking replied:

He Said… A Matchmaker is a professional that helps guide you to achieve the results you are seeking in finding that perfect person in your life. In many aspects of our lives we hire professionals to do jobs that help us achieve specific important goals or tasks. If you want to become a better golfer, you would hire a golf instructor to help improve your game. Personal Trainers help you achieve your goals in weight loss and fitness. Matchmakers are no different. We specialize in helping people meet good quality matches that would normally take an individual months or years to find. Your time is important to you and spending the time kissing frogs in order to find your prince/princess is not the ideal way to find a great companion. Searching through the internet or going on a countless amount of dates to try to get to know someone is time consuming and often times grueling. Matchmakers let you choose your prince/princess without worrying about warts.

She Said… A matchmaker spends time getting to know you and what you’re looking for. They meet personally with each person that you are introduced to and determine common relationship goals, values and interests and match you based on many levels of important criteria. They bring you together with people that you might never otherwise meet and guide you through every step of the dating process. Best of all, it saves you a considerable amount of time and energy and makes the experience of finding a quality relationship fun as well as rewarding.

~ Contributed by Rocky Osborn and Kim May for He Said She Said Matchmaking Services. To submit your question, simply e-mail Kim and Rocky at info@hesaidshesaidmatchmaking.com.

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