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Thursday Nights @ Raviolis! Osteria

(Photo by The Roving Wino)

I went to one of my favorite restaurants and discovered on Thursday Nights you can buy their bottles of wine for HALF PRICE!

Now there’s another excuse for going to Ravolis! Osteria in Murrieta. Forget that they have perhaps the best Italian food in the Valley….Now 1/2 price wine! We got a bottle of Rudiae Primitivo 2007 – a deep ruby red Italian wine that most resembles our Zinfandel. Aged in oak barrels, it is full-bodied and complex. A fruit forward wine with flavors of cherry and red berries with a hint of spice.

Raviolis! Chef Giuseppe Di Gristina personally greeted us and made sure that everything that was served to us was perfect. The dessert was exceptional. We splurged and had three of them, which we passed around and sampled. First was a luscious Panna Cotta – an Italian custard served with wild berries. Second was a wonderful Tiramisu that not only tasted amazing, but was presented beautifully as well. Third was the Cannoli – little tube shaped pastries stuffed with a sweet creamy ricotta filling.

Pana Cotta...Yum! (Photo by The Roving Wino)

To top off the night, we enjoyed a 20-year old Graham’s Tawny Port. Wow! What an ending to our lovely evening. This Portuguese Port is a blend of older wines and younger wines which gives it complexity and vibrant fruit flavors. Caramel on the nose, it has a creamy texture of toffee, blueberry, and ripe cherry. This wine is decadent and sends a chill down to my toes as I think of it now…

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