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Temecula’s Garlic King

You say “Garlic”… I say “King” – Garlic King!! If Temecula doesn’t already have enough to boast about…we have a company – the California Garlic Company – that provides garlic and a variety of other high flavor items including shallots, green onions, ginger, herbs, and organics to our local restaurants and businesses.

Founded in 1999 by John Rosingana and Jeff Crace, Garlic King has a Research and Development Center in San Diego. This is where they focus on conducting research, developing new food to maintain its quality, and to process food safely and efficiently. Research is also conducted on food ingredients having health and other benefits beyond basic nutritional values. One concept is to replace an unhealthy fat with a healthier creation which gives a better “mouth feel.”

Who knows better about this than local Chef Martin Corso. He is the exclusive consultant for the Garlic King and owner of The M Group, a “culinary strategy” company that consults with restaurants, industrial food companies, and food services on their menu development. They have a studio that is used for cooking classes and demos where “It’s like being at a taping of a cooking show.”

L-R: Chef Martin Corso, owners Jeff Crace & John Rosingana. (Photo by Julie Lane)

Ironically, The Garlic King and Chef “Marty” met across the country over five years ago and now work together to create and test new ideas. This past March they won an award for creating the best tasting tri tip, which was drizzled with a Black Garlic Sauce. I had a taste of this black garlic…and wow!! To explore all the possibilities with garlic and more…you’ll have to experience a fabulous night out at the studio by reserving a seat at one of their upcoming cooking demos!

To reserve your seats, contact Monica at monica@themgroup.us or 951-326-6763.

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