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ToT’s “Bionic” Daily Pairing – It’s Even Better Than Before!

Enjoy Harry's famous martinis for less! (Photo by Carl Kravats)

Taste of Temecula is launching The Daily Pairing – version 2.0 – a deal program that saves you 50-90% off on the hottest venues in the Temecula Valley. ToT’s Daily Pairing has a new look, cooler graphics, and an easier, much more customer-friendly functionality. Think of the Six Million Dollar Man – “We can re-build it…we have the technology. Better…stronger…faster!” 🙂

What is Taste of Temecula’s Daily Pairing?

Save $$ @ Sorrel Bistro! (Photo by Carl Kravats)

The Daily Pairing offers a new local deal EVERY DAY, saving you 50-90% off of the things YOU LOVE to do in the Temecula Valley, from restaurants to salons to fashion boutiques to spas to coffee houses + so much more! You typically only have 24 hours to purchase the deal before it’s gone and a new one is posted, so remember to quickly take advantage of the opportunity.

The Daily Pairing is much more than just a “daily deal site.” By profit sharing with local businesses, and working directly with over 6 local charities such as Oak Grove and Michelle’s Place, the Daily Pairing is working dilligently to give back to our local community while saving you your hard-earned money. Many businesses have decided to work exclusively with ToT and the Daily Pairing just for this reason.

Discounts at winery concerts/events. (Photo by Mike Chava)

How Does it Work?

To save on our amazing local business deals, simply visit the Daily Pairing’s website at You can purchase your exclusive ticket to savings by clicking on the featured deal of the day. You’ll receive a deal voucher via email immediately and it’s activated & ready to be used the very next day at that specific business, up until the deal expires – typically within 3-6 months. To be updated on the newest daily deals, just sign up for a FREE membership on the Daily Pairing’s website and receive the deals via e-mail. Save everywhere – from your office, at home, or via your phone. It’s just doesn’t get any easier.

This ain’t no Groupon and it surely isn’t a Screamin’ Deal. This, my friend, is the DAILY PAIRING – Temecula born and bred.

So what’s stopping you? Get Paired Up and Do More For Less!

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