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“What do you recommend a couple do on their first date?”

When approached with the question by Timothy S. from Temecula, CA – “What do you recommend a couple do on their first date?”

He Said… “Great question Timothy. A first date is tricky because there are so many things running through your mind. Will he/she like me? How should I act? What should/shouldn’t I say? We have enough pressure on us during the date so you don’t want any added pressure “about” the date. Keep it casual! That’s my first rule in my date coaching classes. Don’t try to bankrupt yourself by spending an exuberant amount of cash in an attempt to impress a woman. Besides, women are smart and they will see right through your attempt. Many people are so worried about the second date that they try to over impress on the 1st. If you like the person, you should set yourself up for the 30th date. The easiest way to do that is to be yourself. With that said, go somewhere where you can talk and get to know each other. Find out if you have the common ground necessary to even move on to another date. The movies or a local casino don’t give you the option to do that. A nice casual dinner, an afternoon or evening at the beach or even a local amusement park allow you to still have a good time and yet gives you the opportunity to get to know your date and set yourself up for several more dates down the road. “

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She Said… “Instead of doing the usual dinner date or movie, why not try something fun. Bowling, a cooking class, taking a walk, or miniature golf are just a few ideas that would make a great first date. They are more casual and open-ended which can give you more time or an easier out. A more casual outing also gives each of you a look at the various sides of your personalities, and if there is no romantic chemistry, you’re more likely to part as friends. You never know who your date might know or when you will run into them again, and at the very least you can say you had fun.”

~ Contributed by Rocky Osborn and Kim May for He Said She Said Matchmaking Services.  To submit your question, simply e-mail Kim and Rocky at info@hesaidshesaidmatchmaking.com.

2 thoughts on ““What do you recommend a couple do on their first date?”

  1. Comedy show. It’s a great way to find out what makes you guys laugh, which IMO is a great way to see if you mesh. If one laughs at raunchy comedy bu the other cringes then there is a good chance you will clash in life. Again though, this is just MO.


  2. Are we talking about first dates or the always awkward “meet & greet”? If the initial meet & greet is out of the way and there is a mutual interest for a real first date then lets move on.

    Movies are not a good first date, there is no real interaction between the couple. A first date should be all about communication and like Rocky said, you should be setting up for the 30th or 300th date. Since this should be all about communication, anyplace or anything where you can speak with a normal voice about anything, bowling is a great idea, as is miniature golf, anything outdoors really.

    Something like wine-tasting might be acceptable as long as both parties understand that each other enjoys wine, however and remember, it is never acceptable to become intoxicated on such an outing, take a limo bus or a town-car. How about an amusement park? How about a baseball game? For something a little different, how about taking the train out to Santa Monica for lunch, no worries about driving and you can talk the entire time. And it should be noted that you never get the chance to do the first date over, make an impression that will last a lifetime, (hopefully). This does not mean breaking the bank, just be yourself.


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