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Pole Kraze – Who Knew Exercise Could Be So Fun!


(Photo by Airen Neeley-Barnes)

If you’re at all like me and dread the thought of going to the gym, but still want to feel good about yourself, then I may have just the answer for you…Pole Kraze! Owned and operated by Pole Vixen finalist Kiki Leigh, Pole Kraze in Murrieta is a state-of-the-art pole fitness facility that offers an array of workout classes for women that inspire confidence, health, and open mindedness.

From Pole Dance Fitness to Core Cabaret to a personal favorite of mine, Cardio Go Go, Pole Kraze offers a variety of classes that not only get your heart rate up, but leave you feeling empowered as well. The Wednesday evening Cardio Go Go class equals a sexy workout. With the adorable Stefanie as the instructor, this class offers a cardio workout that includes fast paced Go Go and Hip Hop dance moves. At first you may feel just a little funny doing body rolls across the studio floor, but in no time at all “awkward” turns into “liberating.” Before you know it, you’re connecting with the music and putting your all into the dance routine that has been prepared for you! Who knew exercise could be so fun!

(Photo by Airen Neeley-Barnes)

If you are looking for a workout that does not involve the scary machines at the gym, or are simply yearning to try something new in 2011, then check out all that the ever-positive Kiki Leigh and Pole Kraze has to offer! In addition to fitness classes, the studio also offers pole instruction parties, private lessons, and more. For more information on classes, pricing and a schedule, please visit the Pole Kraze website at www.polekraze.com


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