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The Brewer Boys


The Brewer Boys Band at The Merc. (Photo by Lisa Autry)

Fans of Country, Pop, and Bluegrass music take note – Temecula’s very own Brewer Boys are poised and ready to take over your ears, hearts, and iPods. Haven’t heard of ‘em, you say? That’s OK – now you have. You’ve been served.

The Brewer Boys are Justin (17-ears old/acoustic guitar) and Nathan (13/mandolin) Brewer, brothers who have been singing and performing since they were little tykes. Their blend of Everly Brothers-style harmonies and Nashville twang served them well in the “Can You Duet” competition a few years back, and as a result, won the opportunity to cut a 4-song demo at the hallowed grounds of the Cash (as in Johnny) Cabin Studio in Hendersonville, TN. These songs, along with new originals, will serve as their CD release this spring. Look for it soon.

While the duo definitely plays acoustic gigs from time to time, you’ll normally see them billed as The Brewer Boys Band, backed by Tom Wiker (drums), Vince Mendoza (lead guitar), and Ray Agueros (bass). One of their recent shows, at The Merc in Old Town Temecula, was the perfect setting to soak in their West Coast/laid back/Eagles-style brand of Country Teen-Pop.

Obvious fans of Johnny Cash, the Boys kicked off the evening with a medley of Man In Black tunes – “I’ve Been Everywhere” and “Folsom Prison.” Right away, their vocals and harmonies came to the forefront. Yes, the Everly Brothers comparison is an easy – and obvious – one to make (nothing wrong with that), but they also blend their gorgeous voices a la Gary Louris and Mark Olsen once did when they were leading the Jayhawks. The Byrds also come to mind. Which, to these ears, equals many things – one of them being “depth.” Yes, together the siblings’ age only adds up to 30 years, but their voices sound as if they’ve been singing together for decades. Don’t misunderstand – they don’t sound like grizzled veterans who have been slogging it out on the road for years. Their voices are still young and innocent. But they’ve discovered how their two voices meld together, how they interlock and highlight each one’s strengths. Quite impressive.

Nathan and Justin Brewer. (courtesy of the Brewer Boys)

At this point in their young careers, their sets mostly rely on covers of well-known songs. This evening found them tackling songs by current Country artists such as Little Big Town, Rascal Flatts, Danny Gokey, and Gloriana, Billy Currington. In fact, their version of Billy’s “Let Me Down Easy” may have been the best showcase of what the Brewers – and their band – do best: mid-tempo Country-Pop with ear candy harmonies. Definitely a highlight of the evening. But they also venture out into the Pop/Rock slipstream, as evidenced by their takes on hits by the Plain White T’s (“Hey There Delilah”), and Train (“Hey, Soul Sister”). Add a couple of their own originals (“Weird,” “I Hope Heaven Has MySpace”) and it’s easy to see why the Brewer Boys are one of the best bands in the greater Temecula Valley.

In this age of American Idol, here are two teenage brothers who write their own songs, play their own instruments, and don’t hide behind mediocre vocals. Refreshing, isn’t it? They don’t need J. Lo or Steven Tyler to judge them on any level. Their talent is real – it’s tangible. It may indeed take them places. I certainly hope so.

Catch The Brewer Boys at one – or all – of their upcoming shows:

March 17th @ Spelly’s
April 9th @ Spelly’s
April 16th @ The Merc
April 18th @ Menifee Lakes Country Club

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