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Lazy Brothers Market and Deli – Delicious Is In The Details…

(Photo by Ginger Giordano)

Comfort food meets culinary art – with a dose of family love thrown in! That’s the best way to describe the mouth watering gastronomic creations (and good times) offered by brothers and chefs Ariel and Reynaldo Marquez at their Lazy Brothers Neighborhood Market and Deli in Murrieta. And the always fun and lively Taste of Temecula noshers and networkers were all the happier and well-fed for it!

Judging by the number of customers who were greeted by name while we were there, this lightly up-scaled take on a midtown deli, has already become a “regulars” paradise. And given the luscious sweet pulled pork, tender and juicy tri tip, and flavor packed side dishes, it certainly is no surprise!

The celebration kicked off with a ToT Ribbon Cutting presented by the Murrieta Chamber of Commerce to welcome Ian and the crew as a much-loved community resource. Meanwhile, our gracious ToT host and hostesses kept the wine flowing, while blessing our happy eaters with “I ♥ Pulled Pork” t-shirts (courtesy of Lazy Brothers), and a Votre Vu goodie bag graciously provided by Kendra Van Liew.

ToT's Ian Blafer offers Mary Wiens a little vino. (Photo by Ginger Giordano)

As always, this ToT Meet-Up included a diverse group of friends and, such as our high energy community volunteer Georgia Myers, Patricia Eggers of The Beauty Studio, Debbie & Mary Wiens, and Thabit Jubran of American Hard Money Lenders. Guests were treated to a scrumptious custom buffet (a steal at $12!) that included Lazy Brothers’ signature trio of smoked meat and a tummy stuffing array of side dishes.

Ariel’s face was quick to light up when I asked him about his best selling dish. Hands down, it is their famous pulled pork, a melt-in-your mouth delight with a sweet smoky flavor and just enough kick at the end to leave you smiling. There’s no doubt that their Lazy rubbed tri tip could easily go head-to-head as their #1 seller. It is fork tender and showcases a yummy balance of technical cooking skill and natural talent.

(courtesy of Lazy Bros.)

And this is where the details really make a difference because this visit to comfort food heaven doesn’t stop with their marvelous smoked meats. One bite of Lazy Brothers’ Murr Town Potato Salad and you’ll be hooked. This isn’t some overly dressed, mush in your mouth, lemon yellow stuff. With a precision dice cooked to firm, but not soft, and a light-handed mustard-based dressing, the incredible potato salad flavors meld together and complement one another. Think of it as your mom’s potato salad elevated to culinary perfection!

So, when you want to try something new and delicious that satisfies your taste and your craving for some down home goodness – and does it all for under ten dollars – stop by Lazy Brothers Market and Deli to try one of the Marquez’s boys creative takes on classics like the Lazy Cuban pulled pork, the Ginger Chicken Salad, or the Veggie Wrap bursting with asparagus, tofu, and more.

**Join us Wednesday, March 23rd @ noon, for our next Lunch Meet-Up at Sorrel Restaurant/Bistro in Temecula.

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