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Wedding Couture 2011


(courtesy of Debbie Wiens)

Pachelbel’s, “Canon in D,” Medelssohn’s, “Wedding March,” or your best friend on guitar. Traditional or non? What’s trending or do you care? These are just a few of the decisions you need to make surrounding your big day. Not to mention…THE DRESS! Hey! It’s your wedding; you can do what you want. Just in case you are curious about what’s the latest in bridal couture, read on and make your own informed choices.

Still caught up in the rapture and glow of my youngest son’s recent wedding in Mexico, I was able to experience firsthand the beauty and glamour of this season’s weddings. My new daughter-in-law was radiant in a simple, yet elegant strapless gown with intricate lacing down the back. The sleek lines (that neatly bustled up in the back for the hours of dancing that ensued) created an elegant, soft look which suited the bride’s personality perfectly.

(courtesy of Etsy.com)

According to Jaime Purinton, wedding and event’s manager at Wiens Family Cellars, bridal fashion is gearing away from the popular ruffles of 2010 and is replaced with luxurious, three-dimensional, floral appliqué, layered tulle, and pearl beading. Jaime also states that brides are splurging on fabric heels with bows, beads, and pearls in bright colors. Forget the white! Handmade bridal bandeau’s (like the photo attached, sold by Doloris Petunia on Etsy.com) will add a Bohemian yet sophisticated look to this year’s brides. Brides are also spending more on natural settings such as wineries and orange groves in lieu of other decorating expenses.

According to internet source, Stylebrity, short and sweet is the trendiest thing for this season. Little mini’s adorned the catwalk for those who dare to bare gams on their wedding day. Soft and wispy fabrics rule with layers of tulle, as stated earlier. In contrast to previous comments, though, this site deems that layers of ruffles are still “in” along with A-line and trumpet styles. Glamour magazine states that historical-themed gowns are showing up on the runways in surprising numbers. This fits perfectly with the latest rage in wedding décor using timeless family heirlooms, rich fabrics (Gramma’s lace linens, anyone?), heavy silver candlesticks, and even vintage furniture!

(courtesy of Debbie Wiens)

What about colors? According to one source, browns and oranges are on their way out making room for grays and navy with added pops of color such as light yellow or robin blue. Once again, a discrepancy reigns in what is and what’s reported. At our recent family wedding, orange ruled in the bounty of fresh tiger lilies, birds of paradise, and other orange accents throughout the reception salon.

How about the guys? The converse tennies & tux look is on its way out and is being replaced by vintage lace up bucks in blue and tan. The traditional black tux and long tie is bowing out to stylin’ fitted suits with bow ties in grays and oyster.

Wedding fashions evolve, borrow, go retro, inspire originality, border on ridiculous, and capture creativity. A wedding can be lavish, garish, kooky, uniquely you, or Victorian. The vows can take place on the beach, in a cathedral, at a winery, or in your own backyard. The happy couple can opt for an Elvis wedding in Vegas with two showgirls as their only witnesses or invite all 400 of their closest friends and relatives (like the one we just attended!). Regardless of how you choose to celebrate this incredibly special day, you will be the most beautiful couple in the world and the memories created on this occasion will last a lifetime. And, remember, no matter what you do or wear, your kids will still laugh at your wedding album!

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