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You Said “Yes!” Now What?

He proposed and you said "yes." Now what? (courtesy photo)

Let’s face the fact – there is a lot of “Stress” in that “Yes!” After the celebration and fanfare, there is that moment, when the celebratory dust has settled, when both of you have a collective anxious intake of air called a gasp. What now? Should you immediately run out and purchase the bridal gown you’ve been dreaming of, book that beautiful beachfront venue, or hire a florist? So many things to do! The next steps you take in the wedding planning process will dictate the outcome of your wedding experience, and will make the difference between being stressed & anxious, or enjoying the entire planning experience. To determine what to do next, the bride and groom should ask themselves these questions:

• What is our budget?
• When do we want to get married?
• What do we want as a theme? Romantic? Contemporary? Formal? Informal?
• What is the perfect Venue?
• How many people are we going to invite?
• Should I consider a Wedding Planner?
• What is the proper Wedding Etiquette for delicate situations?
• Where do we find quality wedding vendors i.e., DJ, Photographer, Caterers, Cake Baker, Officiants, Floral, Rentals, Invitations, Favors, Bridal Party Gifts, etc.?
• Who will contact, ensure contract compliance, and inform vendors when a task needs to be completed? How will we manage RSVPs and the seating arrangements for our guests?
• How do I handle the Rehearsal and the Rehearsal Dinner?
• In what order do my formal events take place, such as toasting, cake cutting, meal service, bar open & closing, etc., and how do we make sure they happen in a timely manner?
• Who will execute all the details we have planned for the day?

Any newly engaged couple and their families can become overwhelmed with the thoughts of what to do first and how far in advance it should be handled. This is a huge event in your life! Your first step together – a celebration of a union! There is much to do and go over, so let’s get started!

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