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Where to “Pop the Question” in the Temecula Valley

If you’re planning on popping the question in the Temecula area, you’ve probably already considered proposing while wine tasting at one of the romantic wineries – which is a great idea. The love of your life will be swept away by the stunning scenery and luscious wine, the answer will be “yes!” and you’ll both live happily ever after.  The end.

Propose while floating above the Temecula Valley. (courtesy photo)

However, if you want to venture “out of the box” a little bit and propose in a way that will become a fun story to pass down to your grandchildren and great-grandchildren, then there are some fabulous places around here to do that too.

Do it a “mile” high. Pop the question while ballooning. Many tour operators, like Sunrise Balloons, offer a “Proposal Flight.” Imagine the scene: snuggling together as you glide high over picturesque Temecula Valley, the song you both love playing in the background, delicious champagne bubbling in your glasses, and then your beloved sees a strategically planted “WILL YOU MARRY ME?” sign on the ground below. What could be more romantic? Maybe a post flight party with congratulations cake at Van Roekel Winery (previously known as La Cereza Winery). That’s part of the package too. Just make sure that, you know, the answer will be yes before you plan the celebration part.

Laser tag at Mulligan Family Fun Center in Murrieta. (courtesy photo)

Do it while whooping it up. If the two of you like to act like kids – or maybe one or both of you have kids and you just can’t get away from the little darlings for one single moment – then why not pop the question at Mulligan Family Fun Center? There’s nothing like a good spin around the go-kart course or a romp in the laser tag arena to get the heart racing. Then, with the sound of the arcade dinging around you, order a yummy pizza, get down on one knee and ask away. You get extra points if you propose with the toy ring that you won playing skee-ball.

Do it on a horse. Saddle up for a ride through the lush vineyards of wine country with Temecula Wine Country Horseback Riding Tours. You start off at the super-romantic Masía de Yabar Winery, loop around to Fangipani Estate Winery, and then back to Masia de Yabar, where you can relax for lunch and wine tasting on the gorgeous patio. If you’re lucky, Diego, the winery’s violinist, will be playing, adding to the perfect ambience before you move on to the next winery.

Horseback riding through the vines...(courtesy photo)

Rebekah Gormish, Manager of Temecula Wine Country tours, says she is happy to customize and set up just about anything the proposer wants to do. She took one couple on a private tour of Masia de Yabar and brought them to the bridal suite where they surprised the fiancée-to-be with pre-arranged long stem roses and a “will you marry me” card on the dresser.

And if you can’t even imagine getting near a horse, Wine Country Tours also has bike and Hummer excursions. “The Leonesse Winery view is spectacular and there are lots of private, beautiful locations along De Portola Road where we can take people,” says Rebekah. Just give them a call and they’ll create the perfect day for you.

Few things are as romantic as a day spent together at the spa. (courtesy photo)

Do it while getting rubbed. Enjoy a 50-minute massage together in a couple’s room at South Coast Winery’s GrapeSeed Spa, followed by a scalp massage, and foot reflexology. You can choose to end up either cuddling in the cozy relaxation room or on the third story balcony overlooking the vineyards. Hide the ring in your luxurious robe’s pocket and pull it out while sharing a complimentary bottle of South Coast’s exquisite sparkling wine and chocolate covered fruit. Or do what one man decided to do for his girlfriend. He booked an 80-minute massage but snuck out early. When his girlfriend woke up from her service she walked out of the room to discover rose petals scattered on the floor leading up to the balcony, where she opened the door to find her soon-to-be fiancé waiting for her with the ring. “Tell us what you want, and we’ll do our best to make it happen,” says Crystal Magon, South Coast Winery’s Director of Sales and Marketing. “We love to play cupid here.”

If the $425 fee for the couple’s spa package is out of your price range, then you can purchase two $35 day-passes and enjoy their state-of-the-art fitness facility, steam, sauna and outdoor whirlpool. Or you can pay $50 to rent a pool-side cabana for half a day, which includes a bottle of sparkling wine, a fruit platter, and use of the facilities. There’s no extra charge to take in the tranquil landscaping as you two stroll hand-in-hand down a secluded path.

Either way you go, you’ll be so relaxed that any pre-proposal jitters you might have had beforehand will be long gone.

Enjoy the scenic beauty of Vail Lake. (courtesy photo)

Do it on the water. If being a landlubber is not your style, then there are plenty of opportunities to pop the question on a local lake. Rent a boat or bring your own to Lake Skinner and ask that life-changing question while catching a cool breeze. Go jet skiing at Lake Perris then let her find the ring nestled in a napkin during your lakeside picnic. Fish at Vail Lake and then cook fresh bass for a special dinner. Or you could rent a paddleboat at Harveston Lake, dodge the ducks looking for handouts, and imagine your future kids playing at the adjacent park.

As you can see, there are many great places to propose in the Temecula Valley.  Whether you go traditional or do something outlandish, make your “proposal story” a memorable one.

How did you propose or get proposed to? Share your story!

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