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Temecula Preparatory School’s 5th Annual Patriot Ball

(courtesy photo)

On Saturday, March 12, 2011, Temecula Preparatory School (TPS) will be holding its fifth annual Patriots Ball in the Pechanga Resort Grand Ballroom from 6:00 to 11:00 p.m.

TPS is an open-enrollment public charter school founded under California’s Charter School Act. and features a classical virtue-centered curriculum that strongly encourages the development of basic skills as well as critical analysis.

Today, TPS serves students in grades K-12, and its program has gained national acclaim, having been ranked by US News and World Report as one of the best high schools in America two years in a row.

The Patriots Ball is our annual fundraiser to bridge the gap in funding from the state allowing our school to continue its current level of excellence. This year the school celebrates 10 years of operation.

Please join us for what is sure to be a fun-filled night, supporting a school that places academics and virtues as its highest priority.

Tickets are available at

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