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It’s the New Year – Invest in You!

New Year’s Resolutions. Most make them. Most break them. Here’s a suggestion for a resolution you won’t want to quit….Invest in You! Make time to indulge in some me-time, girl-time, or quality couple-time. First, make the commitment. Second, decide what works best for your budget…once a week, twice a month, once a month?? Third, get off your duff and explore your inner decadence!

(Courtesy Photo)

To simplify the process and assist you in this undertaking, follow me over the next few weeks as I take you on a magic carpet ride and not like the one Steppenwolf sang about. We will languish through Temecula Valley’s gems and treasure troves of luscious spas, delightful eateries, select wineries, and other fun escapes…all within a 20 mile radius! Sit back and enjoy the ride!

Our first escape takes place on a Thursday (yes, this is called foreshadowing and there’s a reason I chose Thursday) and our first stop is one of my great discoveries. A sweet little coffee shop and bakery tucked away in The Village Walk Shopping Center in Murrieta called The Village Java. Their website says it best: “Being an independent coffee shop, we realize that we must offer the best of everything.” See for yourself why this intimate coffee bar boasts of the best coffee, ambience, and service! Let’s not get there too early

The Spa Escape in Temecula. (Courtesy Photo)

Next stop, aptly named, Spa Escape. A spectacular spa barely noticeable behind the intersection of Overland and Margarita. With a newly added hot tub on their secluded patio, this spa features super monthly specials and yummy packages. The friendly owner, Judy Roach, is always there to greet her guests with the warmth of a long-time friend. Spa Escape is in their third year and Judy states, “We’re here to stay!” Try the “The Mini Escape” package which includes facial, massage, lunch, paraffin hand & foot massage, AND gratuity! Or, treat yourself to my personal favorite, the Triple Exfoliating facial. One of the best I’ve ever had.

Oak Mountain Winery's sparkling Raspberry Champagne. (Photo by Juanita Juarez)

What spa day would be complete without a little bubbly? Since Spa Escape welcomes you to bring your own, might I suggest purchasing some funtastic, fizzy Raspberry sparkling wine from Oak Mountain Winery prior to this occasion? The personable owners, Steve and Valerie, can be found most any day behind the bar and pouring away! A perfect complement to the perfect spa experience! Pick up a case while you’re there – trust me on this one.

You’ve now crossed over to the “No-Worries Zen Zone!” Relaxed, pampered, and slightly buzzed; your day can’t end there. No need to go home, you’ve planned ahead and brought a little something-something to change into for Happy Hour and dinner out. Hop on the 15 and make a quick jaunt to Raviolis! Osteria in Murrieta for a double header. Happy Hour runs from 6-8 pm every Tuesday-Thursday featuring drink specials and complimentary appetizers! You will find the charming and quintessential Italian Chef and Owner Giuseppe at your service and ready to tempt your palate with his freshly prepared, signature ravioli, scrumptious pizza, unique salads, and heavenly desserts. Factor in a comprehensive wine list that boasts of local wines, and what could be better? Except, on Thursday you’ll find 50% off on select bottles of wine. Oh. Yeah. Thursdays at Raviolis!

Chef Giuseppe of Raviolis! Osteria in Murrieta. (Photo by Juanita Juarez)

Although it may have been a different kind of ride, the resonating message offers sage advice to all, “You don’t know what we can see. Why don’t you tell your dreams to me? Fantasy will set you free.” Step into your own dreams and fantasize a happier new YOU!

(Author’s notes: The businesses featured are specifically selected to support our local family owned and operated businesses in the Temecula Valley. Please support these businesses and preserve the uniqueness that makes our community vibrant and alive!)

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