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Wine and Art

"Il Banchetto" by Dario Campanile

Let’s talk wine and art! My husband and I were in Hawaii for some R&R several years ago and decided to take in the Thursday night Lahaina art scene. Taking advantage of the free flowing wine, we began to fancy ourselves true connoisseurs of art.

Beringer White Zinfandel

Fleeing one gallery, which shall remain nameless, we felt as though we’d escaped from a used car lot and subsequently stumbled into the lovely Lahaina Gallery with the knowledgeable, friendly director, Nils Kullander. He guided us to the most stunning, realistic painting depicting our favorite subject – Wine! This gorgeous painting was created by the modern master of realism, Dario Campanile. We loved the rich, bold colors and depiction of cheese, fruit, and wine. What truly sold us on the painting was the whimsical touches that Campanile added; at first glance, of the tipped over wine bottle with one last little drip suspended in air to the oh-so-subtle, darling pair of mice savoring the remnants of the party. Originally, we made our purchase for a classy addition to our winery until we realized how very personal art could be and knew that this had to be the beginning of our own original art collection.

"Il Dono Dela Vita" by Dario Campanile

So it is with each individual’s personal wine journey. Wine tasting is an opportunity to expand your own palate as you travel through the wonderful world of wine and enjoy your experiences as only you can in your own unique way. One of the best stories I heard, while attending a wine appreciation course, was about an industry group that was visiting Beringer. The speaker poured a glass of their finest White Zinfindel and asked the group to identify the different aromas in this particular wine. Politely everyone did as they were told with nervous glances darting about the room. Next the speaker called on various members of the group to share their observances. After a few awkward attempts, the speaker commended them on their astute conclusions. Next, much to the amusement of the crowd, he stated, “When we smell our White Zinfindel, here at Beringer, we smell money!” If you encounter a winery or a server that is bent on making you feel inferior or stupid for not knowing various terminology or understanding subtle nuances of wine or respecting where you are in your wine journey…Do Not Despair! Stay the course and keep trying. For every wine snob, there is a wonderful, patient wine enthusiast that will embrace you wherever you are and revel in the opportunity to help you expand your knowledge.

Art comes in many forms. Take time each day to enjoy the beauty of art in everyday living…from a painting to a sunset to a well-crafted glass of wine.

Until we meet again…keep it real!

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