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Only2Degrees Internet Radio Show Now on KSPA

Show personalities and fans celebrate launch for new KSPA, AM 1510 radio show.

The celebration was in full swing at Anthony’s Ristorante in Murrieta in early November, where fans of the Only2Degrees Internet Radio Show were entertained by local music artists John Lane of “The John Lane Project,” the show’s theme song creator and Robert Rankin Walker (Heyday Records and Events), while show personalities Lisa Vinton (L.V.), Darcy Jones (D.J.), Kitty Alva (Hollywood news), Scott Vinton (sports), J.P. Raineri (production manager), and Dave Drever (freelance producer) all welcomed well-wishers of the show’s debut on The Spa – AM 1510 radio (KSPA).

Scott Vinton, Kitty Alva, Lisa Vinton (L.V.), J.P. Raineri and Darcy Jones (DJ). (Photo courtesy of Rhonda Ricardo)

Refreshments and Italian hors d’oeuvres were enjoyed by about 100 fans, including Kristine Turner (101.3 The Mix); Cyrene Jagger (Zion Media Group); Bill Gould (Full Value Entertainment); Kim Goodnough (Michelle’s Place executive director); Rachel Mason (Hemet Hospice Volunteers executive director); Sue Kelley (Keller Williams); and Maria Tomczak (Remax of the Lakes). Everyone relaxed on the veranda where Jones discussed the show’s “variety” platform and Drever shared his discovery of the show he is now producing.

While searching for a radio show in the Temecula Valley area, Drever was referred to the Only2Degrees.com show by Baily’s Old Town Temecula owner, Chris Baily. “They are a bubbly bunch and fun to listen to,” said Baily. When Drever met the show’s talent, he was instantly impressed. “I think they are going to be the voice of Temecula Valley as far as radio goes,” said Drever. “Easy transition would be local television.” Drever and Jones confirmed the Only2Degrees.com Internet Radio Show debuted on Saturday, November 6 from 3:00 to 4:00 p.m. on KSPA, AM 1510 – reaching over seven million people in Southern California. The Saturday afternoon show will continue to include local news, funny stories, entertainment gossip, wine tasting, stimulating issues, sports, and engaging guests mixed with their naturally hilarious wit and a pinch of weather. LV added, “Only2Degrees is based on the theory that we are all separated by six degrees and we close the gap by connecting our listeners through engaging interviews. We’ve been doing this since December 2007.”

Robert Rankin Walker and John Lane. (Photo courtesy of Rhonda Ricardo)

Tickets were then drawn by the show’s cast for give-a-ways. Winners included Jen Smith who won $100 gift certificate to Anthony’s Ristorante; Jeff and Marjorie Dunn won gourmet olive oil; Chase Raineri won a 30-second Only2Degrees radio spot; Kristine Turner won $500 gift certificate for sunglasses; and Bill Gould won a 60-second Only2Degrees radio spot.

The Only2Degrees show and archives are available at only2degrees.com where Southern California AM radio listeners can get to know these magnetic personalities. Tune in and fall in love with this fun cast of characters as they share the intimate details of their everyday adventures with listeners. It’s like listening to old friends sharing great wine around the dinner table, discussing laugh-out-loud current events for all to enjoy.

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