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Come Taste…it’s Magic Inside!

(Photo by Michael Chava)

For Taste of Temecula’s Wine Pick of the Week, I decided to do something a little different – instead of focusing on a single wine, I’m offering my Winery Pick of the Week.

(Photo by Michael Chava)

On my journey up to San Francisco last month, I decided to make a pit stop into Paso Robles before heading up to the Bay Area. I have never been to Paso, and with so many wineries in the area, it was a difficult choice of where to go. Where I ended up was great. Arriving in Paso at 9:00am most wineries were closed, but I had a connection for a little place called Via Vega Vineyard and Winery. We called up and April answered the phone. We told her our story and her response was, “Well, we’re open on Saturday and Sunday, but if you’re not high maintenance, go ahead and come on over.” So she gave us directions and we were on our way.

Via Vega is not found on any maps. As we were driving down Airport Row we looked to our left and saw a zebra and a camel. “That’s odd,” we thought and kept on down the dirt road coming to the end with no winery in sight. We made a u-turn, stopped to notice the petting zoo, and to the right was Via Vega.

(Photo by Michael Chava)

We stepped into a building that reminded me of Cougar Winery in Temecula. April was ready for us and started us off with their Grenache, and moved us down the list. After the 3rd tasting she took us to another building where Larry (her husband) was getting ready for work at Lockwood Winery in Monterey. She left us with him in the production area where we were surrounded by fermenting grapes in macro bins and San Francisco Giants memorabilia hanging on the wall. He continued where his wife left off and had us try their Syrah, right out of the tank. Back inside the tasting room we continued with the Cab Franc as well as the Guitarron Skeleton Label, which is a blend of Syrah and Grenache. Even though we only spent an hour there, it was well worth the drive.

Via Vega calls their wine club the “Bullpen.” There are two levels – the True Fans club where members receive 6 bottles twice a year at a 35% discount; and the Royal Loyals which is 12 bottles twice a year at even a bigger discount. Be sure to visit their website at http://www.viavega.com or find them on Facebook.

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