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Temecula House of Wine – the Wine Pick of the Week

Carlos Palma - owner of the Temecula House of Wine. (Photo by Juanita Juarez)

One of the many unique features of the Palomar Inn Hotel (see our story here) is that it also includes the Temecula House of Wine under its roof. Owner Carlos Palma has furnished Old Town with it’s only one-stop-shop that includes the most complete selection of local wines in the Temecula Valley. Because of that, Carlos’ gorgeous store is our Wine Pick of the Week.

A newer feature of the Palomar Inn, the Temecula House of Wine has been open for just over 6 of the hotel’s 83 years (it was built in 1927). You can call it the “modern wing” of the hotel. And through the 20+ years that Carlos has owned this historic inn, he’s fostered relationships with all of the wineries, and in many cases, the winemakers themselves. Hence, his shop’s most valuable aspect – wines from every local winery.

Temecula wine at your fingertips. (Photo by Juanita Juarez)

I’m not just talking about the wineries located on the roads of Rancho California and De Portola. His store’s scope includes wines from La Cresta (Boorman Vineyards), Murrieta (Gouvion Vineyards), and Fallbrook (Fallbrook Winery), among others. I also love the fact that you can find older vintages at the House of Wine – vintages not available in the local tasting rooms anymore. The Wiens 2006 Primitivo? Carlos has it – Wiens doesn’t. (I highly recommend buying it today – it’s amazing.) Palumbo Vineyards’ 2006 Shiraz? Same story. They even have Miramonte’s “Kiss This” Collectible 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon and a 2003 Special Estate Reserve Cab from Stuart Cellars. And these are just a few of the gems you’ll find at the House of Wine. Carlos doesn’t stock every single local wine, but he has every single local winery covered.

(Photo by Juanita Juarez)

The Temecula House of Wine also has an array of wine-related gifts, books, and accessories. Looking for an alternative to olive oil? You can find Pacifica Culinaria Avocado Oils here as well. Carlos also has established 6 different wine clubs to please every wine lover’s palate. Instead of joining a club at a specific winery and only receiving their individual wines, by becoming a member of the Temecula House of Wine, you’ll be able to sample wines from the entire region. Check their wine club options here.

As if all of the above wasn’t enough for you to stop by, Carlos has plans to expand his shop by building a wine bar in the back of the store, where he’ll offer tastings and wine by the glass. And in 2011, look for his outdoor Wine Garden, which will be part of the Palomar Inn’s renovation. These tasting areas are not only going to add a new wonderful and enticing dimension to Carlos’ property, but will help it become perhaps the premiere wine destination in Old Town Temecula.

Temecula House of Wine
28522 Old Town Front Street
Temecula, CA 92590

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