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Palomar Inn Hotel – History in the Making

The Palomar is located in the heart of Old Town Temecula. (Photo courtesy of Palomar Inn Hotel)

When visiting Temecula to take in a weekend of wine tasting, hot air ballooning, golfing & more, one has many options when it comes to overnight accommodations. From resort-style hotels (Pechanga and South Coast Winery are the big boys), to dependable chains (Embassy Suites and Hampton Inn, among the many), to bed & breakfasts (Churon and Loma Vista are the most popular), Temecula boasts many hotels within striking distance of Wine Country to satisfy almost any out of town visitor. But for those who seek something unique – a hotel experience that may be as memorable as the fine local wines tasted or the world-class golf courses conquered – try one that’s a Temecula historical landmark…the Palomar Inn Hotel in Old Town.

The lobby/tasting room. (Photo courtesy of Palomar Inn Hotel)

Carlos Palma, a fixture in the Old Town Temecula community, has owned and operated this cozy 10-room inn for 21 years. It was built in 1927 – back when Calvin Coolidge sat in the White House, Babe Ruth lead the New York Yankees to just their 2nd World Series championship (they’ve now won 27 in total), and Prohibition reigned. Quite a different world. Yet, one step into the Palomar Inn, and the Temecula of 2010 vanishes. All of the furniture in the 2nd floor lobby area (where each of the 10 rooms are found) are originals – the same pieces that were used in the ’30s, the ‘40s, and through today. Of course, the beds are new, but you get my drift. Walking through the Palomar Inn is like taking your own personal tour through Temecula’s long history.

The advantages of booking your next Temecula trip at the Palomar are numerous. First, it’s the only hotel located right in the heart of Old Town. You’re walking distance to antique dealers, tons of specialty stores, art galleries, wine tasting rooms (Masia de Yabar has tapas and salsa dancing on the weekends), and an array of fantastic restaurants and nightlife (the Edge, Gambling Cowboy, Soro’s, Palumbo’s, Texas Lil’s, Baily’s, the Public House, the Bank, etc. etc.). Want to take in a yoga class? Living Yoga is right across the street. Need to get your hair done for the evening? Salon Moselle is right up 5th Street. Or perhaps you’d like experience a local play? The Old Town Community Theater awaits your arrival. One could easily spend an entire weekend simply visiting Old Town’s many businesses and services. All within an easy stroll of the Palomar Inn.

The House of Wine is right next door! (Photo courtesy of Palomar Inn Hotel)

Another fun and unique feature of the Palomar is its wine store – the Temecula House of Wine. Located right next door to the hotel’s lobby, this warm, comfortable, and inviting room is a one-stop-shop for the entire Temecula Wine Country, as it includes selected vintages from just about every winery in the area. Can’t physically visit every local winery? Simply step into the Temecula House of Wine and let Temecula’s wineries come to you.

More advantages, you ask? Well, if you insist. Carlos’ hidden jewel of an inn offers extremely reasonable – dare I say cheap? – rates. Nightly stays run from $49.95 to $95.95, depending on the weekday, occupancy, and type of room (a couple options are offered). And their extended stay rates (minimum 7-nights) are even kinder to your budget – from $245 to $340 per week. That equals a nightly rate at some local resorts. Perhaps you have a large group of friends and/or family that are ready for a Temecula weekend? Think about booking the entire hotel and making it your home away from home. What a memorable experience that would be – “taking over” an entire hotel.

Carlos' future plans for his hotel. (Photo by Juanita Juarez)

Do it before Carlos expands his quaint, 10-room inn. That’s right – plans are already in place to add another 16 rooms, a wine tasting garden, and a rooftop bar to be called “the Ledge.” (You’re correct – the Ledge is going to right across the street from the Edge.) The 1st phase should be completed by January of next year, with phase two soon to follow. It’s a facelift that will modernize the Palomar a bit, but don’t worry – it’ll keep all of its warmth and charm.

So next time you’re planning a Temecula weekend, give Carlos a call and book a room at his historic landmark of a hotel. You just may experience a rich and diverse Temecula you never knew existed.

Oh…and did I mention the numerous ghost sightings within the hotel…? 😉

Palomar Inn Hotel
28522 Old Town Front Street
Temecula, CA 92590

Interested in the history of Temecula? Take the Old Town Temecula Candlelight Walking Tour with Dale Garcia and listen to his stories of local history with tales of legends and hauntings.

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