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“Awesome 80s for a Great Cause” – Charity for Charity’s 80s Party at Stuart Cellars

Charity for Charity Board of Directors: Jennifer Hughes, Gena Vitamanti, Michelle Haywood, Charity Prestifilippo, Marija Maxfield. (Photo by Dan Myer)

Last Saturday night equaled big hair & bangles as Stuart Cellars Winery was transformed into Funkytown for the Charity for Charity 80s Party. This event was local philanthropist Charity Prestifilippo’s newest fundraiser for the non-profit Charity for Charity, fulfilling wishes for local children and adults in need. Plus, it was a totally awesome way to do some good for the community.

The event’s guests included those of us nostalgic for leg warmers and parachute pants, as well as those who only know the 1980s via VH1 Specials. Costumes were not required, but you couldn’t stop people from showcasing their inner Slash or Cyndi Lauper. Everyone had a great time Walking on Sunshine to the bodacious 70s and 80s tunes by Riverside band The Superfreaks.

The Superfreaks. (Photo by Dan Myer)

Amid smoke and the epic 2001: A Space Odyssey theme the ‘Freaks hit the stage, and before you could say Like A Virgin, the Valley Girls and Madonna impersonators crowded the dance floor to Bust a Move. In addition to the Worm and The White Man’s Overbite, the evening had plenty of other audience participation activities: a totally boss Costume Contest, a gnarly Rubiks Cube Contest, and even a righteous Break Dancing Contest.

But considering we’re a classy crowd residing in Wine Country, this 80s Celebration also had plenty of grown-up panache. There was wonderful wine courtesy of Stuart Cellars Winery, a pasta and pizza dinner from Gourmet Italia and Spuntino Pizzaria, and even dessert from local Posh Pops (cupcakes on a stick). In addition, participants could purchase “Wine in Disguise” bags provided by The Wine Company and sponsored by local businesses. For a mere $40, one could walk away with a bottle valued between $50 and $150. In addition, local jewelry artist Vicki Zangl of Annabee Designs was displaying her exquisite jewelry line, including Charity for Charity cuff bracelets and necklaces.

Is it 1987? (Photo by Dan Myer)

Yes, if the 80s symbolized anything, it was light-hearted fun and whimsy (and bad hair and cheesy music references). Tonight’s crowd was happy to Jump back in time and Pump Up the Jam for a totally rad local cause! All proceeds went to fund this year’s beneficiary wishes to be announced at The Stars of the Valley Awards Party & Benefit, February 5, 2011 at Wilson Creek Winery. Charity for Charity is in its fifth year of service for Temecula Valley residents in need. Prestifilippo and her Board of Directors are trying hard to raise more funds to grant amazing wishes to members of our community. So, if you missed this totally tubular event, Don’t Worry, Be Happy…and check out Charity for Charity’s website for more ways to help.

2 thoughts on ““Awesome 80s for a Great Cause” – Charity for Charity’s 80s Party at Stuart Cellars

  1. I wanted to clarify… the necklaces, and all sterling silver jewelry was designed and made by La Masters of Fine Jewelry. Vicki takes the silver logo and makes leather bracelet versions! 🙂 Thanks to both!


  2. Thaqnk you to Angie and her hubby for coming out and covering our event! We are grateful for the support of Taste of Temecula and the volunteer writing that Angie and her husband did!! With photos!!! Thanks a million!


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