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B’s Beans – A Fresh Alternative

B's Beans. (photo by Carl Kravats Photography)

When it comes to making a great cup of coffee, it all boils down to the bean. When and how it’s roasted makes a huge difference in taste since roasting the bean brings out the lovely oils and sugars that make coffee – well, coffee. However, most coffee that’s available on the market, even coffee at the “S” place, comes from beans that were roasted long before sale. The result is that the oils and sugars get broken down, creating a more acidic product. Coffee from freshly roasted beans is much richer and fresher tasting and so smooth that, as a bonus, it’s also easier on the tummy.

Beatrice Ruden loves freshly roasted coffee, which she always enjoyed in Oregon. She moved to Temecula seven years ago and started Spa Works, a manicure/pedicure business. But after noticing the dearth of fresh roasted coffee in the area, she decided to go into the coffee roasting business as well. “My passion is coffee,” she says. “So why not do something I love?” She set up her garage with a roaster and went to work.

Owner Beatrice Ruden. (photo by Carl Kravats Photography)

It took her four years to learn the art of roasting coffee beans. “I ruined a lot of batches at first,” Beatrice laughs. “And I had to learn which coffee regions I like best.” Indeed, coffee making is a lot like wine making. The weather and soil give the beans personality, so that coffee grown in one country will taste distinctly different from coffee grown in another. And then when it comes to roasting, the heat has to be at a precise temperature for an exact amount of time, otherwise the beans will be over roasted or under roasted – neither of which makes for good coffee.

These days Beatrice’s trial and error batches are long over. She started B’s Beans and introduced her coffee last October at various craft fairs. She quickly developed a loyal following and had so many orders to fill that she burned out the heating element of her small half-pound roaster. She soon invested in a larger five-pound machine, while still using the smaller roaster for orders of special, expensive coffee like Kona and Blue Mountain.

Beatrice's roaster. (photo by Carl Kravats Photography)

Beatrice uses the best quality beans, which she orders from all over the world. “I only buy fair trade coffee,” she says, “And I purchase organic when it’s available.” Maintaining quality is all-important and Beatrice cups (tastes) every ten pounds she roasts, just to make sure it’s all up to snuff. The result is a truly amazing cup of coffee. Word of warning: once you try coffee from fresh roasted beans you’ll never want coffee any other way. This is as good as coffee gets. And B’s Beans has coffee to suit every taste.

Their House Coffee smells sweet and is very mellow with a chocolate undertone. The chocolate is not added but actually comes naturally from some of the beans in the blend. This is the perfect coffee for those who don’t like their coffee too bold.

The Sunrise Blend also features a touch of chocolate but tastes more nutty than sweet. This one is bolder than the House Coffee, but is no less delicious.

French Pressed Coffee. (photo by Carl Kravats Photography)

For coffee drinkers who yearn for something that that’s even stronger, there’s the Brazilian Espresso. Its taste is reminiscent of the espresso found in European café’s where fresh beans make coffee remarkable.

These coffees are only 13 dollars a pound, which is a wonderful price for good fresh roasted coffee. As Beatrice points out, “You can have a great cup of coffee without the extra expense of a coffee house – it saves you money and time”. But what makes this deal even better is that B’s Beans has FREE delivery service every other Saturday between 5:30 – 8:00 am. Imagine waking up and finding a bag of fresh roasted coffee waiting for you on your doorstep. Beatrice offers this service because “we love this community and this is our way of giving back.”

B’s Beans is also giving back through various local fire departments. She is in the process of creating a Firehouse Blend of which, for every twenty pounds sold, she will donate a percentage back to burn units in San Diego and Riverside.

Order today! (photo by Carl Kravats Photography)

Order B's Beans coffee today! (photo by Carl Kravats Photography)

B’s Beans is available to area businesses as well. In fact, the lucky customers and employees of DCH Chrysler Jeep Dodge of Temecula enjoy B’s Beans coffee every day.

Beans can be ordered whole or ground, though it’s recommended to grind the beans yourself for the freshest flavor.

Ready to try it? Order through their website. You can also contact Beatrice via e-mail:

One thought on “B’s Beans – A Fresh Alternative

  1. We’ve been a customer of B’s Beans since April and we just love it! Its so exciting to open up my front door on Saturday morning and see my new bag of coffee beans for the week. She surprises me with the flavor each week so its never boring! The flavor of her beans is rich and smooth and doesn’t have that bitter aftertaste that you get with other coffees. Delish! You can’t beat the price either!


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