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Wine Pick of the Week – Wiens’ Wine Sampler Pack


Wiens Family Cellars Wine Sample Pack. (photo courtesy of Wiens Family Cellars)

The Temecula Wine Country benefits from – and gets the vast majority of its visitors – the “big three” surrounding metropolitan areas – San Diego, Orange County, and Los Angeles. If you reside in each of these areas, you can typically drive to Temecula within 2 hours – no problem. But with our busy lives, it’s not always easy to visit and taste wine on the spur of the moment – such trips take planning – calling babysitters, booking hotel rooms, reserving limos or jeep tours, etc. And what about those of you who aren’t such an easy drive away from our lovely wineries? For Vegas, Phoenix, Bay Area residents, taking a trip to Temecula requires a full weekend at the very least. What do you do when you want to try new, fantastic wine, but you just can’t get to Temecula to enjoy?

1.5 oz = more than a normal tasting

The perfect tasting pour. (photo by Trasier Schuyler)

Wiens Family Cellars has the answer. They’re bringing the proverbial tasting room – their tasting room – to your front door and into your living room. Introducing their Wine Sampler Pack – 1.5-ounce mini-bottles of four of their current fantastic wines. Each one is a perfect-sized tasting! It’s a brilliant concept – allow out-of-town customers the opportunity to try and “taste” their wine before making a decision on which one (or two or three) they love and want to purchase via online. They’re the first winery in Temecula to offer this unique method of wine tasting – if successful (and I have a strong hunch they will be), I’m sure more and more local wineries will follow suit.

Wiens’ initial Wine Sampler Pack includes four wines with unique flavors and characteristics, and each will pair quite nicely with almost any meal you’re serving tonight. A quick rundown:

2008 Domestique – A traditional “GSM” style blend (Grenache, Syrah, Mourvedre) with 3% Sangiovese as well. Earthy, yet full of blackberry and black currant, it’s a smooth and full-bodied wine that finishes bright & fruity.

2007 Cabernet Sauvignon – An extremely smooth and mellow Cab that goes perfectly with food (pot roast, hearty pasta, pizza, veal). The spice is in the background, whereas plum, berries, and rhubarb come to mind immediately. Friendly & pleasant.

Once you Taste the small bottle, you'll order the big one.

I love the gift box! (photo by Trasier Schuyler)

2007 Crowded – A Wiens favorite, this unique blend include six different varietals: Tempranillo, Dolcetto, Pinot Noir, Cab Sauv, Syrah, and Petite Sirah. Medium bodied, complex, and spicy, this wine will pair nicely with Asian-style pork, grilled vegetables, chili, and Thanksgiving turkey.

2007 Tempranillo-Petite Sirah – Another standout blend via winemaker Doug Wiens, this full-bodied wine offers a spicy mouthfeel via the Tempranillo, yet finishes long and fruity via the Petite Sirah. Are you a fan of Spanish-style dishes and peppered chesses? Then this is the wine for you.

Aren’t these the coolest little bottles of wine you’ve ever seen? They’re the perfect size for easy transport to anywhere. Going to a concert? Slip a couple in your purse. Taking a flight to Anywhere U.S.A. (or throughout in the world, for that matter)? They fit easily in your carry-on bag and meet the TSA standards of being less than 3 ounces. No more crappy airline wine! The bottom line is that you can now bring your favorite Wiens wine virtually anywhere.

Chicks dig 'em

Everyone wants one. (photo by Trasier Schuyler)

The Wine Sample Pack was just released this week and retails for $24.95 per box ($19.96 for Wiens Wine Club members). Keep in mind that these mini-bottle packs are available for purchase Online Only and they produced just 100 of them! They’re not available in Wiens’ tasting room, my friends. So for our cool and loyal Taste of Temecula readers (that would be you), Wiens is offering a limited time deal – all online orders will receive FREE SHIPPING regardless of price. Your special coupon code is TOT653 and is good through October 8th, 2010. Typically, an online order must be worth at least $100 to receive free shipping.  What better way to bring Wiens Cellars’ tasting room into your own home today?

Purchase the Wiens Family Cellars Wine Sample Pack here. If you have any questions, please call them at (951) 694-9892.

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