Texas Loosey’s Chili Parlor and Saloon

Loosey's Special

Loosey’s Special. Photo by Patrick Maue.

I clean up pretty nice, but I have never been accused of being a girlie-girl. This little fact came in handy as I sauntered into Texas Loosey’s to try out the chili and other saloon fare.

Texas Loosey’s has a great casual atmosphere and a full menu of what my good friend aptly calls “man food.” No less than 20 appetizers tempted us, so we decided to take the plunge on the Rodeo Sampler. This thing is a monster and would easily feed four or more hungry folks in the mood for a snack: Buffalo hot wings, Riblets, Tex-a-Skins, Zucchini Sticks, Twister Onions and Cheese Sticks, all served with a variety of sauces for dipping. It offered a little something for everyone and went perfectly with a nice cold beer on a Friday afternoon.

We also tried the Baby Back Ribs and chose the Cole Slaw and Baked Potato as our sides. The ribs were huge and meaty with a sweet and tangy sauce, and the cole slaw was nice and crunchy with a vinegar-based dressing–just the way I like it. Of course, we could not resist the temptation to try the Loosey’s Special, and boy-howdy are we glad we gave it a go. The Loosey’s Special is a burger and then some. It is composed of a ½ lb beef patty, grilled weenie, chili, cheese, onions, lettuce, tomato and pickles. (I told you this was “man food!”) The burger was a great eat: juicy, salty and messy. We needed two hands and 30 or so napkins to get through it. I especially loved the chili on the burger. Texas Loosey’s is known for its chili, and with good reason. It is meaty and savory with a nice little kick, but it won’t set you on fire. In addition to saloon chow, Loosey’s offers a wide variety of Tex-Mex favorites and a selection of salads and sandwiches to suit every palate.

General Manager, Otis Matis & Staff

General Manager, Otis Matis & Staff. Photo by Patrick Maue.

While enjoying our cowboy grub, we had the pleasure of chatting with General Manager, Otis Mattis. Otis is a Temecula guy by way of Jamaica, but don’t let the accent fool you; he loves his saloon. In addition to good casual food, Texas Loosey’s offers a fun atmosphere that a great group of regulars and new-comers enjoy all week long. In true saloon fashion, the country music plays, the beers on tap are ice cold, and there is always someone ready to shoot a round pool. They offer DJ Dancing on Friday and Saturday nights and live music on Thursday nights. The servers dress like cowgirls most of the time, but if you mosey on down to the saloon on Wednesday or Friday from 12pm -2pm, you can take in the fashion show from Stiletto Fashions. Of course, Monday Night Football is coming soon, and Texas Loosey’s will add to the game time fun with drink specials and appetizers for fans to enjoy. Fight fans will be glad to hear all UFC fights are televised as well.

Owner Ron Walton is proud to offer a fun place for folks to come hang out, but he is clearly a guy with a heart. Through his restaurant group, which includes Texas Lil’s, Texas Loosey’s, Vail Ranch Steakhouse, Bull Pen Burgers and Links, Ron gives back to our community by raising tens of thousands of dollars each year as a major sponsor for Hospice of the Valley. This is the true spirit of the Temecula Valley: great food and drinks shared with friends and supporting those in need.

The Taste of Temecula lunch meet-up will be at Texas Loosey’s on Thursday this week, so mark your calendar and come on down.

Texas Looseys’ is located in the Tower Plaza

27483 Ynez Road

Temecula, CA


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