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Jim’s Wine pick of the week

Bella Vista WineryI was asked to write this week’s wine pick for my first time, so off I went to Bella Vista.
Bella Vista, formally Cilurzo winery, is the oldest winery in Temecula, with the first vineyards planted back in 1968. Imre and Gizella Cziraki purchased the former Cilurzo Winery about 6 years ago. Imre began making wine at age 7 with his grandfather in Hungary. He purchased his first vineyard in La Cresta in 1982, which was followed by the purchase of his Bella Vista Vineyard in 1998 and the winery property in 2004.

They are working on producing wines made only from organically-grown grapes. Eight of the wines currently produced are already certified organic. It takes a lot of work and several years to have a vineyard with this designation.

Tasting through their wines, I found several that I could easily have chosen as my Wine Pick. But at the very end, my wonderful server Rho poured me a concoction of one part Late Harvest Petite Sirah and two parts Sparkling Wine, and there it was—my Pick of the Week.

Now, I know that there is usually only one wine picked for the article, but I have never been one to follow. And besides isn’t the fun of wine discovering new wines and new blends?

Together they make a wonderful thirst-quenching wine that is fruity with black cherries and black berries accompanied by the wonderful taste of bubbly as it dances across your palate. Rho calls this Jacuzzi Wine, and I have no doubt that the ladies will enjoy this drink, as will many of the men. Who knows what trouble you can get into after enjoying a few glasses?

The sparkling wine is $13.95 and the Petite Sirah is listed at $18.95, so the combined cost is still less than $40. And that’s not much to have to pay for a wonderful and uniquely different glass of wine.

Cheers, Jim

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