Micro Breweries / Wine of the Week

Let’s go fishing!

Ballast Point, Yellowtail Pale Ale. Photo by by Crispin Courtenay.

Yellowtail is in season, why not drink a beer that celebrates this wonderful fish caught just off the coast of San Diego.

This beer threw me a little, its huge tropical aromas rush at you the second the cap flies from the bottle. Rich, golden beer flows into the glass, with a crisp, viscous brilliant white head of foam. Fine carbonation, more often seen on Champagnes than beer streams up the glass, with little sign of ever stopping. In the mouth the beer bounces around from Ale to Hef, leaving my tastebuds confused but happy. There is a definite citrus tang, and a slightly sweet finish that hangs around.

This is a super-refreshing Summer Beer, try it with some freshly caught Yellowtail!

Ballast Point Brewery is based in San Diego, and is another of the must try on the local beer scene.


Main Brewery

10051 Old Grove Rd.
San Diego, CA 92131
(858) 695-2739

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