Trolley About Town

Want to tour the wine country, why not try something different?

Photo by Michael Chava.

Article by: Marilyn Wrye-Tipps

I am sure many of you have been out wine tasting in a Limo or a tour bus both of which are fun but, have you ever ridden in a trolley?  Next time you want to go out wine tasting and do not want to drive, why not take a ride on Brewen’s Empire Trolley?

Just think about riding through the wine country in the open air and being able to experience all of the sights, sounds, and aromas of the wine country as you are traveling from winery to winery.  Something you can’t truly experience in a Limo or bus.

The Trolley is a common sight in Old Town Temecula. Photo by Michael Chava.

Since my first step aboard Brewen’s Empire Trolley, I have experienced their motto firsthand. Premium wine tours throughout Temecula Wine Country, Night on the Town runs to Downtown Temecula, and a Quincenara ceremony and reception are just a few of the services offered aboard the classic 38 passenger Boyertown trolley.

This is a new company just starting out and there are many new things happening with the trolley.  A few of those coming up in the future are wedding transportation, Taste of the Town (a progressive dinner idea) and the Red Dress, Red Hat, Purple Hat adventures, wine and food pairings, Beer and Wine Runs. The list is only limited to Amy’s imagination or the imagination of her clients. She is known for her flexibility and willingness to work within any budget. In this economy, she is sensitive and creative, knowing people are determined to be prudent yet continue to celebrate all of life’s great moments.

Wine Country Tours The standard rate for a Premium Wine Excursion which encompasses a 6 hour guided tour to 4 wineries with exclusive tastings, discounts, souvenir glass and lunch is $119 per person. Taste of Temecula fans will receive 2 for 1 bringing the price down to a phenomenal $59.50 per person. Of course, tours can be customized. Guests may also be transported to and from their residence.

Private Charters Create your own private event with Amy and charter the trolley,  per person or by the hour, up to 12 hours or 36 people, to take you & your guests to various locales including, but not limited to, wineries, clubs and restaurants.

So, if you are in search of something different and if you are willing to meet new people who share in many of the same things you do why not book your next trip on the trolley and remember as Amy says, “Life is short. Enjoy the ride.

For reservations call 951-235-2938, or on the web at

Red Dress Day, no one excluded. Photo by Michael Chava.

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