The Maxx Taxi

Photo by Juanita Juarez.

By, Holly Roe

It’s a beautiful day in Wine Country, the sun is bright and the air is crisp and cool. We are getting ready to go on a jeep tour with Maxx Taxi where owner and operator Jeff Gardner promises it will be a rare and spectacular experience. We begin our journey leaving from Oak Mountain Winery. We continue east  on De Portola Rd. heading toward Glen Oaks passing wineries, horses and huge houses. We make a right into the north gate of Glen Oaks Ranch, switch on the 4 wheel drive and start climbing. As we climb the houses get bigger and more extreme and the wildflowers start coming into view. Jeff promises that by the time we get to the top we will be blown away.  We continue to go up and up, pine trees and rock formations surround us and the view from the back of the vehicle is already spectacular. We can’t wait to get to the top. The road turns into dirt and Jeff says “where the pavement ends the redneck begins”. The dirt road is a little bumpy and rocky but we don’t care its an adventure. There are a couple big ruts in the road and some of us scream a little. It reminded me of the Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland without the falling boulders. This is really cool. The view is getting better and you can see Lake Skinner and all of wine country. It’s really a sight to see. Finally we make it to the top and all I can say is WOW!  The view at the top is a 360 degree view of everything. We can see Mt. San Jacinto, Pechanga, Sage, Palomar Mountain and probably the ocean if it wasn’t overcast. There are swallowtail butterflies and dragonflies fluttering by us, seeming to be having as great a time as we are. The native wildflowers are beautiful and the sounds of the buzzing insects are intoxicating. . Jeff pulls out some champagne and we have a toast. He gives us a little description of what we are viewing and about the history of the surrounding area. You definitely want to bring a camera and binoculars. Alas it is time to make the descent down the mountain. It is actually a lot scarier coming down than going up, there are more screams and lots of laughter. We really had a fantastic time.

Photo by Juanita Juarez.

Maxx Taxi offers three romantic rides. Tour #1 is the Quickie which is the ride we took. A 90 minute ride up the mountain with a champagne toast and one winery for $39.  Tour #2 is the Wham Bam, a 5 hour tour which includes the hilltop ride, lunch  and a visit to 3 wineries for $109. He also offers a tour called the All-Nighter which is an overnight package that he has in the works.

You can take the rare and spectacular tours by calling Jeff Gardner at (760) 219-1087,  go to his website http://maxxtaxi.vpweb.com or email him at legendarytours@yahoo.com.

Photo by Juanita Juarez

2 thoughts on “The Maxx Taxi

  1. My friends and i wanted something different to experience so we heard about this AMAZING excursion in the Temecula Valley.. an OPEN AIR HUMMER TOUR with MAXXTAXI ! if you want to experience something so INCREDIBLE youve GOT to book a tour with Jeff Gardner at MAXXTAXI!!! we toured the back country of temecula . We first drove down Portola road til the road ended and came upon hills and valleys of pure country! Jeff put the Hummer in 4WD and we embarked on an UNBELIEVABLE journey into the hills of Temecula Valley! we were climbing up these beautiful hills of flowers and plantlife..Beautiful rocks well more like boulders and and the smell of the pinetrees reminded us that we were not in the city anymore! OMG! THE VIEWS were PHENOMINAL! WE COULD SEE FOREVER!! Jeff is so knowlegable about the valley and the history. He is very friendly and has a great personality and a great sense of humor! you DEFINETLY have to bring a camera!! its like nothing you will experience! coming down the mountain was quite fun! as the bumps and turns make it more exciting! when we returned to civilization Jeff took us to 3 wineries! we had tastings at each one and then we were served an AWESOME GORMET LUNCH !! OMG!! i highly reccommend everyone to BOOK an OPEN AIR HUMMER TOURwith MAXXTAXI!!! and live the experience in 3D!! i would not take a tour any other way!! to ride in a car is boring.. but to hop onboard an OPEN AIR HUMMER and have the wind against your face the fresh air surrounding you and the overall outdoor thrill of a lifetime!! its like something youve never experienced. The views of Temecula Valley are Spectacular!! The tourguide Jeff was very friendly and a great personality and very fun to be around!! I did not want the tour to end and i booked another one right away! for everything you receive it is an inexpensive way to have a GREAT time and a memorable experience!! i would say if you are going to come to Temecula Valley and go to the wineries you HAVE TO BOOK A HUMMER TOUR with JEFF!! i have talked with others about my experience and others have had tours but not with MAXXTAXI and actually wished they would have gone with Jeff as i have heard through several people that his is the ABSOLUTE BEST ONE!!


  2. i was referred by a really close friend of mine to book an open air hummer wine tour with MAXXTAXI in temecula. i was actually already booked with a limo company and cancelled. My friend said that why just drive around on a road in a car that you have to roll down the windows when you can go 4 wheeling in a hummer with no windos in the hills of Temecula Valley and have spectacular views that you can see forever!! thats a no brainer! We met Jeff Gardner at one of the wineries as there he picked us up in a HUGE yello Hummer! the kind of hummer that is like a military style! it was a Beast! so i needless to say i was EXCITED to climb aboard to begin this exciting journey! this Hummer did not have closed in windows it was all open with a tarp like cover over us.. it reminded me oF INDIANA JONES! it was the coolest ever! we started out the drive o f the winery and drove up this road called de Portola Road … beautiful homes.. but i was looking forward to the trek in the hills.. the road ended and the dirt began.. Jeff put the hummer in 4 wheel drive and we started to climb! the ride was alot of fun! riding back was super fun as coming down the hills is more intense kinda like you feel like you could fly out just like a roller coaster…so you tell me.. ride in a limo on a street or take an OPEN AIR HUMMER that is alot more exciting!! and it was very affordable ! i have never had so much find in my entire life!! i reccommend MAXXTAXI with Jeff Gardner as your tourguide. He was the best tourguide one could have.. very informative about everything you would want to know about temeculas history and the plants and surroundings. I do recommend to take a camera!! you will be blown away!! the views are breathtaking! we arrived at one of the wineries dropped off and did a wine tasting,we were there approx 45 min to an hour.. and then were picked up again onwards to another winery! total we went to were 4 wineries . Jeff had prepared a gourmet lunch!! we sat outside one of the wineries and enjoyed this delicious feast!! the whole ambiance of the wineries, the lunch the impecable service we received and hospitality from Jeff and MAXXTAXI was the absolute best experience i have had!! if i were a judge and 5 stars were to be handed out, i would give MAXXTAXI 6!!! one extra because it was well deserved!! if anyone is looking for something exciting, fun and downright exhilerating you absolutely have to book a tour with MAXXTAXI !!!! i know i will definetly reccommend this tour to everyone i talk to !! thank you Jeff !!!!!


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