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Great Harvest Bread Co. “It’s all about the bread”

(Photo by Juanita Juarez)

Carb lovers rejoice! Great Harvest Bread Company nearly proves you can have your bread (to paraphrase) and eat it too. This amazing bakery focuses on whole grain bread, freshly made on the premises. They don’t compromise flavor or quality in order to give customers a wholesome, healthy product. In the words of owner Alicia Trevithick, “Our bread isn’t health food, its just really good bread that happens to be healthy.”

Conveniently located on the way to Wine Country in Temecula, Great Harvest Bread Company is much more than a bakery, it is also a sandwich shop, purveyor of fine local foods, and a great place to catch up with friends.   Alicia and husband Brad Trevithick have created a welcoming environment. Warm colors and chunky wooden tables set an inviting tone, as does the scent of baking bread and cinnamon. The passion the community is evident everywhere you look. On the walls are numerous poster-sized notes thanking Great Harvest for field trips and contributions to schools and scouting troops. The young owners of Great Harvest are involved in the community in many ways, including giving to local schools, churches and charities. Further emphasizing the neighborhood feel are the coloring contest pages that decorate almost an entire wall.

In addition to the commitment to the local community, the bread is what it’s all about. The foundation bread at Great Harvest is the Honey Whole Wheat, made with only five recognizable and easily pronounced ingredients; honey, whole wheat, water, yeast and salt. Along with Honey White and Cinnamon Burst, it is available daily.  Various whole grains, nuts, spices and herbs are added to the Honey Wheat or the Honey White to make most of the other breads such as Whole Grain Goodness, Cheddar Garlic, or Whole Wheat Cinnamon Raisin Walnut Swirl. In addition to the three regulars, a variety of about seven breads change daily. The list expands as it gets closer to Friday when an impressive 12 additional breads are offered. Styles vary from traditional French Bread, to Campfire S’mores Swirl.

(Photo by Juanita Juarez)

You will never find any dough conditioners or preservatives in Great Harvest bread. All the wheat is from the famed Golden Triangle in Montana and milled right on the premises, every morning.

The bread is only half of the story. The rest of the story is the amazing sandwiches. Great Harvest offers wonderful signature sandwiches, ranging from the expected, like Ham and Swiss, to the unexpected, like a Caprese Panini with Genoa salami, and bracingly fresh basil, to the sublime, like Pepper Bleu Roast Beef, juicy roast beef so tender it melts in your mouth, and a mild blue cheese spread. The same attention to quality and detail that makes the bread so delicious also makes the ssandwiches special. The tomatoes are ripe and full of flavor. The romaine lettuce is fresh, and adds the perfect crunch to the soft bread and meat. The dips and spreads are also made on site.

Great Harvest is also a drop-off location for Inland Empire CSA. CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. Members of Inland Empire CSA invest in two local farms, (Sage Mountain Farm and De Luz Farm and Nursery) and in return, get a weekly share of fresh organic produce.

“We became a drop off location for CSA because our family joined and we loved it. We knew that our customers would be interested in being able to purchase locally grown produce,” explains Brad.

That commitment to customers and local commerce is further seen in the dining room where local honey, and infused olive oils, from Temecula, are sold, along with artisan jams.

Whether you are looking for a perfect slice of bread to have with your morning coffee, or a cozy lunch with friends, go in and see Alicia and Brad at Great Harvest.

Great Harvest Bread Company is located at 31795 Rancho California Rd

Temecula, California 92592 on the corner of Meadows and Rancho California in the

Barron’s Shopping Center

Phone: 951-676-0550

If you are interested in more information on Inland Empire CSA visit the website, or become friends on Facebook.

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