Fine Art & Culture

Sidewalk Art in Old Town Temecula

Last weekend the new Civic Square and surrounding areas around the new City Hall was inundated with artists of all ages and skill-levels with the goal of decorating the streets with temporary art in pastels and chalk.

Participation in this event was open to all and free of charge. The City even provided free chalk to anyone that needed one. Artwork ranged from multi-day stunning efforts from professional artists, to doodles sketched by children.

Drawing on the black asphalt is stunningly strenuous on the body as the temperature can be upwards of 40 degrees hotter on the pavement than the ambient air temperature. Then there is crouching for hours on end trying desperately hard not to smudge the artists own work, or their neighbors a scant few feet away. Then there is the ever present danger of spilling water, or dripping sweat which can instantly wash away hours of effort.

Working styles ranged from covered in pastel from head to toe, to scrupulously clean. The one common attribute was that all the artists involved were massaging their lower backs at the last day of the three day event.

Hundreds of artists participated this year, and the heat mercifully held off, with temperatures in the lower 90’s. Even with the heat and three day effort spirits were high, and the sidewalks were mobbed with spectators. A great way to spend an afternoon with the family and not spend a dime.

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