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Ale Smith – Anvil

Bottle of Ale Smith Anvil, waiting for an opener.

Ale Smith Anvil. Photo by Crispin Courtenay

The best pint of bitter I have had since the last time I was in London.

Thick clingy tan head which dissipates slowly and coats the glass, showing if your a sipper or a gulper. Sharp tang of bitter hops hits the nose. A wonderful brown with rich streaks of crimson. Carbonation is low, in keeping with the traditional English Bitter style. Rich in the mouth with raw coco and coffee notes. The bitterness sweeps over your tounge, and at first assaults with a cringe. Then it mellows into a long delicious bitterness offset by a creamy sensation. Very long finish. This is a fantastic bitter, and on par with any in the world.

Before you rush out to buy it…if you are accustomed to lager this beer will be an assault to your taste buds. It does not have the dry astringent, makes your mouth pucker, qualities of an India Pale Ale, rather the bitterness mirrors a classic Gin and Tonic with the Quinine adding the bite. I find bitters incredibly refreshing beers and awesome for Pub Night.

See the complete Ale Smith lineup at: alesmith.com

9368 Cabot Drive, San Diego, CA 92126

Telephone:  (858) 549-9888

Fridays 3pm to 5pm, and Saturdays1pm to 4pm

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