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Rock and Roll is alive and well in Temecula.  Want proof?  Head out to The Vault, an all-ages music venue (no alcohol sold) located within the walls of the Temecula Sounds School of Music & The Arts, the Valley’s longest-running music school.  The Vault is a small, stripped down, no frills, warehouse-style haven to catch your favorite local and touring indie bands – in short, the perfect place to anchor the Temecula rock scene.

I dropped in last week to catch Victory Records’ artist Amber Pacific, playing one of their last So Cal shows before heading back home to the Seattle area (and eventually hitting the road again in late June).  An Alternative Pop-Punk group along the lines of the All-American Rejects, Taking Back Sunday, and Story of the Year (with a little

Weezer thrown in), Amber Pacific are veterans of the Warped Tour and just released their newest CD entitled “Virtues.”  Following a good time rock & roll set by local favorites Inverse, Amber Pacific took control of the stage with their high energy, melodic, radio-ready brand of Emo-ish punk rock.  The crowd of teens and early-20s fans ate it up, dancing and singing along, even with the band’s newest single, “Anthem For The Young At Heart.”

The Vault books bands and artists that are the “alternative” (so-to-speak) to the artists you’ll find playing in Old Town every weekend or out at the wineries.  Not many cover bands running through a tried & true Johnny Cash tune or a Beatles classic found on this stage.  There’s definitely a place and time for such bands, but for young, ambitious, hard-working bands with the dream of headlining Coachella or Lollapalooza one day, look no further than Temecula’s The Vault.  The sign above the stage reads “Support Local Music” and that is exactly what The Vault is all about.

Tickets are typically $10-$12.  Check out The Vault’s upcoming schedule, tickets, location, and directions here or contact the club directly at 951-296-9993.

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