Wine of the Week

Beer Pick of the week: Enter the Gargoyle

This week I chose to pick a hyper-popular beer, Levitation Ale from local Brewer and wunderkind on the beer scene, Stone Brewing Company of Escondito.

You know you want one! Photo by Crispin Courtenay

Gold Medal Winner of the Great American Beer Festival, and highly acclaimed by many beer connoisseurs, I was sure that this beer would be a winner.

Nice head with medium length, pale caremel in color. The beer is a deep, dark amber, about as far as you could go before you are into the brown ale category. In typical Stone style a lot of hoppiness on the nose, botanical and pale citrus aromas   Light on the mouth with an initial large hit of roasted hops which settles down to a creamy taste with a pleasant finish. An inch further and this beer would be in IPA territory.

I am not a huge fan of the highly hopped beers, but this one is quite pleasant and has me reaching for a refill on my ‘tasting glass’.

Have a great weekend.

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