Sport & Recreation

Getting Muddy at South Coast

I love to run, so I will take any excuse to slap on the Asics and hit the pavement, road or trail. After Saturday morning, I just might become a little more particular about where I run! South Coast Winery and Resort teamed up with Ponte Winery and Wiens Family Cellars to create a dynamically fun Wild Women of Wine Country 5K Walk/Run Thru the Vineyards, with 100% of the proceeds going to Boys & Girls Clubs of Southwest County and Rancho Damacitas Children’s Home. I have had the privilege of running races in Las Vegas, Monterey, Carlsbad, San Diego and even Honolulu, and I was blown away by the gorgeous route that wound through the South Coast, Ponte and Wiens vineyards. We are so lucky to live and work and play in this amazing valley!

The view could not have been better as the runners drove up to South Coast to register. Lucky us, the Balloon & Wine Festival was kicking off the Saturday festivities just minutes up the road, and thirty or so balloons were slow dancing in the 7:00 am fog. The event drew over 350 runners and walkers, and it was very well organized, with Boy Scouts to point us in the right direction, as well as water at no less than six places along the 5K route. Jackie from Temecula Valley Fitness led us in an invigorating warm up and invited us all to a Zumbathon fundraiser benefiting Operation Recuperation on July 10th. Now I love to run, but I assure you that my skills (or lack thereof) as a dancer would be quite the show. Still, I will gladly look foolish for a good cause, so count me in, Jackie! For more info:


Following the race, breakfast was offered at South Coast and the Smokehouse Restaurant at Ponte. I figured we had earned some champagne, so our group strolled up to the dining room for a bottle. We also enjoyed California Spa Frittatas featuring egg whites, mushrooms, scallions, baby spinach, and ricotta cheese, as well as the Santa Margarita Pizza with fresh tomato, mozzarella cheese and basil. The entire experience was a perfect way to kick off another gorgeous weekend in the TemeculaValley. I am happy to report that the Wild Women of Wine will be making this an annual event, so let’s all mark our calendars for next year!

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