Party With A Purpose

Where does Temecula’s dance/club scene meet for a good cause?  Where can you “party with a purpose?”  Simple – each month at the Red Velvet Room at The Edge in Old Town Temecula.  Benefiting the Riverside County Chapter of the American Red Cross, the latest Red Velvet Room event took place this past Friday night and was hosted by GV3 Vodka, Babydollz Lingerie, and Anela Apothecary.

The dance floor started to heat up...Photo by Loren Scott.

Expanding their methods of finding new volunteers, partners, and donors, the American Red Cross has started this monthly mixer at The Edge, a way to reach out spread the word to a new demographic of people.  The American Red Cross, for those who aren’t quite familiar, is a humanitarian organization led by volunteers guided by the Fundamental Principles of the International Red Cross, and provides relief to victims of disaster and helps people prevent, prepare for, and respond to emergencies.  They are the leading organization that provides humanitarian assistance when disasters (such as the Haitian earthquake) strike.

Ashlie Gildewell & Jessika Stewart of Babydollz Lingerie. Photo by Loren Scott.

Guests enjoyed free GVS Vodka drinks until 10pm, DJ Lynx provided the grooves that got the ladies on the dance floor, and two Babydollz Lingerie models (the lovely Ashlie & Jessika) handed out gift bags filled with items provided by the evening’s sponsors to those who purchased VIP tickets ($15).  Continuing with the event’s “lingerie” theme (next month’s mixer will be “swimsuit” themed), each VIP left with MaMia brand ladies underwear.  Speaking of, does anyone want mine?  I’ve got a couple pair on my hand that I, uh, can’t use…

William and Daphne Berlin from the American Red Cross. Photo by Loren Scott.

Look for the next Red Cross/Red Velvet Room benefit at The Edge coming in July (date to be determined).  Come out to dance, sip a cocktail, meet new friends, donate to a great cause, and perhaps learn how you can get involved with the American Red Cross.  They need you, now more than ever.

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